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  1. petroskie

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    ok so heres a good debate, 3/4ton or 1 ton, why do some choose the 3/4 and not just pony up and get a 1 ton and be ready for future so your ready? maybe its me but when i got the plans drawn up to get my trailer built i said i dont have much equipment now but i will have tractors soon so lets make it able to hold tractors now so im ready, same idea for the truck ya know, planning way ahead. anybody else think this way cause you can only go so far with a 1/2ton.
  2. mike lane lawn care

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    I have a 3/4 ton heavy duty, because it can do the same as a SRW one ton. my truck is a daily driver, and a DRW is too big to park at work, as well as too harsh of a ride. I never tow more than 2,000lbs so even a 3/4 ton is overkill, but it's nice when I go to the nursery and buy tons of plants or a scoop of gravel for a job.

    BTW, the area I live in, literally 4 out of 5 households own a Prius, and half the houses have some sort of solar panel on the roof. So I'd rather not piss off everyone by driving around in a big azz dually truck.
  3. unkownfl

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    I bought a 1 ton. I set out to just get a diesel in general after 5 dealerships and the pressure of having to find a 06 in the 07 model year to get the 0% financing I ended up with my one ton.
  4. petroskie

    petroskie LawnSite Senior Member
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    man if i lived in a area like that id get the biggest dually and stacks and be blowne the black smoke down the road, but im a azz like all for everybody doing there thing so i can do mine, the wife always tells me "dont be that guy" and i respond i am that guy! but i could see what ya mean about having a 3/4ton if you dont max it out often, just scary to see a 1/2 ton pulling 12k tractor on a hitch ya know
  5. petroskie

    petroskie LawnSite Senior Member
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    im looking around for trucks, i would like a 1ton SRW diesel, then you have the power if you need it.
  6. MikeKle

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    You really only need the DRW if you do lots of 5th wheel towing, duallies are not good in snow and ice and if you are only towing a bumper pull trailer, it really isnt needed, unless you like the look of them, which I do. But if you are going for the one ton, why not just go right for the F450 or 550? I dont think a stock F450 is that much more than a F350? and in our industry you would never need anything more than a 1-1/2 ton truck!! Actually when you look at what we tow around everyday, most of us dont need anything more than a half ton.
  7. johnnybravo8802

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    A 3/4 ton SRW will do the same as a SRW one ton?:confused:I think you may need to rethink that. This has been the question I've asked myself for a while-Why do people do this? The 3/4 ton actually costs more because of the demand. There is no way I'd buy a 3/4 ton when I could buy a one ton for less-It's just a crazy business decision. There are two crowds out there:1-The men who buy 3/4 ton trucks just to look cool and never haul a thing 2-The people who haul way too much weight with their 3/4 ton and need a one ton dually or a 1 1/2 ton. Neither group makes sense. It's more of a status symbol.
  8. petroskie

    petroskie LawnSite Senior Member
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    i have looked into the the 1 1/2 tons and and that maybe a good solid route, i havent looked into the fords. my buddy has a dodge 1.5ton and he was telling me they are alot different than the 1tons, the top out at 75, and the shifting is harsh, ect. i do like the chevys cause they turn into the kodiak style, its like a mini semi! does anybody on tis site own a truck that heavy?
  9. doubleedge

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    What are you pulling? The fuel economy would be very poor with a 1.5 ton truck.
  10. hosejockey2002

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    Typically, yes. The biggest difference between a "3/4" and "1 ton" SRW trucks are the sticker on the side of the truck. They have identical drivetrains, and often even the same suspensions. Often the 3500 series SRW will have a little bit heavier duty tires. My Chevy 2500HD regular cab has a higher payload rating than a 3500 SRW crewcab because the truck is lighter to begin with, and the GVWR is only 700 lbs. less.

    Having said that, there is typically little cost difference in the two trucks. But there is little to no real world capability increase when going from a 2500/250HD to a 3500/350 SRW truck. It's nowhere near the difference of a 1500 to 2500HD comparison.

    When you go to a DRW truck payloads go way up, but towing capacity is typically not much difference because engines and transmissions are the same.

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