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    If your truck has a 350 keep it!!!! Those are awesome trucks and if you are used to the power it has you will be very very disappointed either with the 5.3 they put in most z71's. If I were you I'd keep it as a work truck then get a new one for just cruising.
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    Best of luck to you !

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    I wouldn't go with anthything smaller than a 250, 2500 whatever you want to call it regardless of brand. I would look to buy a cab and chasis then you can add your own box maybe a 10 footer, make it a dump whatever. I have a stake body with a 7 1/2 x 12 dump body. I can do so much more with it than my pickup. Less trips for mulch, dumping you name it. Some ppl here swear by cab overs that may be worth a look also my next truck will most likely be one.

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