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Trucks and Equipment For Sale

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Mike Nelson, Sep 8, 2005.

  1. Mike Nelson

    Mike Nelson LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 416

    Trucks and Equipment For Sale


    This is what we have left!

    1 - 1993 mitsubishi fuso fh 18,000 gvw 6 cyl dump with central hydraulics, plow and spreader $15,500.

    1 - 2000 Isuzu NPR Landscape body truck $16,000.

    1- 1998 Gmc Schwarze 348I vacuum street sweeper $11,500.

    1-Harder slide in spreader for a dump truck 9' $1,750.

    1- 5 yard torwel stainless hydraulic salt spreader $3,500.

    1- 2003 F-550 FLATBED diesel, with Blizzard Plow and spreader $34,500.

    1-2003 F450 Flatbed diesel, with Blizzard plow and spreader $32,500.

    1-2003 F350 reg cab diesel pickup with Blizzard plow and spreader $29,750.

    all trucks have very little miles and are showroom new

    1-1995 GMC diesel 1500 gallon blacktop sealing truck $19,500.

    1-1982 Ford LN9000 with 8 yard spreader, runs good $4,500.

    1- 20ft enclosed trailer $3,750. each

    2-Snowman pull plows $1,200. each

    Sidewing plow brand new $2,850.

    1-Blizzard 810 for a Ford truck $3,000.

    1000 gallon liquid deicer spray tank $3,500.

    please call our office 845-831-5700
  2. Yard Rookie

    Yard Rookie LawnSite Member
    Messages: 18

    Do you still have the enclosed trailer?
  3. Mike Nelson

    Mike Nelson LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 416

    No I don't , but we sure have a lot of snow eguipment for sale

    GMC TopKicks (Sale) 2 $15,000
    Johnston Sweeper Truck (Sale) 1 $12,000
    Oshkosh Plow Truck (Sale) 1 $25,000
    Skidsteer (Sale)Bobcat A300 2005 1 $35,000
    Snow blower for 1 $4,000
    Dultmyer Brine machine 1 $10,000
    35 ton lowboy trailer 1 $5,000.
    1992 Chevy Utility truck 1 $4,000
    Miscl. Shop equipment
    Ventracs $14,000 Holders tractors with plow and blower 2 $7,500. Each
    2003 Ford F350 diesel plow and spreader 1 $25,000.
    2003 Ford F550 diesel plow spreader liquid system 1 $35,000.
    also has DickiJohn system
  4. padude2004

    padude2004 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 148

    sidewing left?
  5. HBLandscaping

    HBLandscaping LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 268

    Can you post pics of the trucks with tge equipment that they come with?

  6. Mike Nelson

    Mike Nelson LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 416

    please email me with any questions and equipment you would like to see.

    Sorry the sidewing is sold
  7. BMFD92

    BMFD92 LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 694

    do you have pics of the equipment? you got any pickup sanders
  8. Mike Nelson

    Mike Nelson LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 416

    Yes I have pics of most anything. Please email me or call to schedule an appointment to come see everything.


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