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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by neighborguy, Apr 20, 2009.

  1. neighborguy

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    I work with a company that is relatively small. We keep having problems with employees damaging trucks/trailers and no one fessing up. Each crew is not assigned the same truck every day so there is minimal accountability. When something is discovered it is a wild goose chase as to what happened and who did it. What do you guys do to keep track of these things? How can you hold people accountable when they won't grow up and admit what they have done?

    Thanks for any suggestions.
  2. Merlin300

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    Have one manager or foreman in charge of equipment checks. At the end of the day, everyday, do an inspection. Make one person responsible for any given piece of equipment daily. At the end of the day if damage was found by the manager or foreman, that one person has to answer for it. The person responsible will keep the others in check if it is his/her butt on the line.
  3. grandview (2006)

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    Why are they not driving the same truck everyday?
  4. scagtiger

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    sounds like you need more responsible employees
  5. neighborguy

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    trucks are switched based on needs. If a crew needs bulk materials then they get one of the dump trucks, if they only need hand tools and such they can take one of the pick ups. I like the idea of the one person take check everything every day. I wish the all new employees thing was an option. Myself excluded of course.
  6. scagtiger

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    the only things my guys ever break are hand tools and a few dents in the dump trailer but nothin ever to bad. i guess ive been lucky
  7. Toy2

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    You have daily checklists, the driver fills it out each morning and ends it each night.

    Mileage start/end
    Walk around, notes body, lights, horn.
    Engine-check oil/fluids etc....

    Makes a note if problem is found, signs offs, end of problem.

    This way you have a paper trail.
  8. ZTR_Diesel

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    You need to do this - and you need to NOT be a nice guy about it. Let them know, firmly, but respectfully, that this will be taking place and is manditory, indefinate, and will be photo enforced. What do I mean - take photos of all the truck now, and then when/if damage occurs, take photos of that as well.

    There's a large local landscape crew near me locally that NEVER takes care of thier trucks, mowers, etc. It really affects thier image, and I would never use thier services since thier employees quite obviously do not care.
  9. topsites

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    Oh well no, you see I buy mine already damaged, the cosmetic issues get me some awesome discounts,
    find one that runs good and gtg.... Why buy beautiful when I can get a functional 3/4 ton XLT for like $2500?

    Although I do have to admit I also wonder how they ever get that way.
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  10. ZTR_Diesel

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    Not a bad way to go! I have to admit, you can keep one of those (especially an old I-6 engine) going much longer than most people think... :weightlifter:

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