Trucks?? Cab-Forward/landscape body or truck and trailer??

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by jmcorn, Sep 3, 2006.

  1. jmcorn

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    Just wanted to know what people prefer the most and which works the best. A cab forward truck (NPR, GMC 5500, Ford LCF, etc) with a landscape body or do you prefer a pickup and a landscaping trailer?? Which preforms the best, in residential neighborhoods, highway, which is cheaper to purchase and maintain, and which lasts the longest. Bottom line which is the better investment??
  2. valawn

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    I to am in the market for 2 new set ups. I'm looking at the cab forward design for a few reasons; compact design, better gas mileage (turbo v6), great turning, more room in the cab for you crew. I'm thinking about what set up to go with either a cab forward boxed dove tail or stake body dump with a box trailer. I like the box dove tail set up don't have to worry about employee's not knowing how to back up a trailer, compacted for city driving but where do you put your leaves, grass clipping and debris? With the other set up cab forward with a stake body dump and box trailer I have space for what ever I need.
  3. Total.Lawn.Care

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    Alot depends on the way your business is set up. If you have employees and dedicated trucks just for the business, the cab forward is great due to the reason mentioned above (no trailer, shorter rig in neighborhoods, etc.) However, if you are a Solo and use your truck for business and personal, then the pickup and trailer make the most sense.

    As far as which setup is cheaper to maintain and operate, that too depends on how you shop for trucks. New vs. Used, enclosed box bed/trailer for equipment or open bed, how often you replace you vehicles. Personnaly, I like the idea of keeping truck and trailer. If you have a truck go down, back another truck up to the trailer and you can still move you equipment.

    Just my .02...
  4. DBL

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    pick up and trailer i guess its just all we had but i think it works fine...looking to update the pick up for next year too
  5. blankenshiplawncare

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    Let me put my .02 in because I own and operate both. I have an GMC W3500 (Isuzu) with a 18' open body with 4' of dove tail. Great on gas (it's Diesel) and very maneuverable around town. I have taken out 2 mail boxes because the body is wider than the cab. Stupid mistakes. I also run a Chevy 2500 with a 18'X8.5' box trailer. It is very hard to get in and out of town. I will (If I expand next year) get another GMC but with a box on it. The security of the GMC now is a nightmare. Eric from Total Lawn Care knows these vehicles and can contest to the issues. I say go for the box Isuzu/GMC.
    One more thing. Take my advice and never pull a trailer in town with a f350 crew cab dully. Talk about not being able to turn. That only pulls equipment now.

  6. jazak

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    from NJ
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    Grass Crew:
    F-350 regular cab, diesel, 4x4, XLT, 8' alumin insert; 7x16' Inclosed; 36" TTHP; 48" TTHP; 60" ZTR; all handhelds, ext.

    Hardscaping Crew:
    5500 crew cab, diesel, 4x4, 9' dump; F-350 regular cab, diesel, 4x4, 9' inlcosed tool body; CAT 305; CAT 252B.

    Excavation Crew:
    Pete 357 tri-axle dump, Pete 335 dump, F-550 diesel, 4x4 service truck, CAT 308, CAT 314, CAT 914, CAT D4.

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  7. jmcorn

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    :usflag: Thanks for everyone's reply, I am too leaning towards the cab forward with dove tail body.Thanks again for everyone's reply.

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