Trucks fs:F350 crewcab,F250 powerstroke diesel, f250 5.4

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by 5.0, Dec 11, 2008.

  1. 5.0

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    Need to sell a couple trucks as we have ordered some new ones. These trucks need nothing and are being used daily. We take maintenance very seriously and the oil gets changed every 3k mi or 3 months on all of our trucks, no exceptions, even on the diesels. I personally believe that is why our stuff stays in such good shape. They are work trucks with dents and dirt here and there, but mechanically they are in as good of shape or better than any truck on the road.

    White longbed crewcab 2000 F-350
    5.4L V8/auto w/overdrive
    Runs and drives very good. Very reliable.
    207k mi
    New front tires.
    AC blows cold.
    Tow package w/tow mirrors.
    $4500 or offer.

    1996 F250 Powerstroke diesel supercab
    7.3L turbo diesel/ auto w/overdrive
    White extended cab longbed 1996 F-250
    Runs and drives good.
    Truck is very reliable and very strong.
    233k mi
    Brand new auto transmission earlier this year.
    AC blows cold.
    Tow package.
    $3800 or offer.

    White longbed 1999 F-250 irrigation service truck
    5.4/auto w/overdrive
    Reliable truck.
    218k mi
    AC blows cold
    Runs and drives good.
    Sometimes trans will shift hard from 2nd-3rd gear. Only seems to happen when truck is cold and over 50% throttle. Has been like that for past 45k mi with no problems.
    Full length pipe/ladder rack and Weatherguard side boxes- will remove if buyer doesn't want.
    $3000 with rack and sideboxes
    $2500 without rack and sideboxes.
  2. TXNSLighting

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    God i want that first truck...Let me work on some stuff.
  3. Jimslawncareservice

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    i assume all are 2wd?
  4. earthtrends

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    wish you would take trades on the 96
  5. qualitylawnpro

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    First truck is the best deal!
  6. 5.0

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    All are 2wd. No trades, thanks.
  7. 5.0

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    Just wanted to update this- The '96 and '99 are sold.

    The 2000 crewcab is still available and being used daily. I have also decided to sell one of my estimating/runaround trucks if anyone is interested, info below.

    1999 F350 4X4 crew cab - $5800
    -New Michelin tires all around
    -CD player
    -Alloy wheels
    -Triton V10
    -189k miles, runs and drives great, very reliable. Just took it on a 550 mile trip.
    -One ton suspension and brakes (It is an F350, not an F250)
    -Towing package with power mirrors
    -Power windows
    -Power locks (a couple of them are tired and don't always work)
    -Power seats (Holes in driver's seat from getting in and out)
    -4X4 (works great, just used during the snow)
    -Body has scratches, dings, and dents throughout.
    A simple wax and carpet shampoo job would go a long ways on this truck.
    Also, there is no tailgate and rear bumper on the truck. I have a brand new tailgate painted to match, just haven't gotten a chance to put it on.
  8. letsplay

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    Do you know of anyone looking to sell used dump trucks or isuzu, gmc cabover box trucks, landscape body trucks in Raleigh area. Great deal on the 2000 ford.
  9. 5.0

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    Not sure of anyone off the top of my head other than dealers.
    We have a 2000 F350 that has a 12' flatbed we are going to replace soon. It is a Powerstroke diesel, auto trans. I think about $6k is what it will be for sale for.

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