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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by WarEagleCRL, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. WarEagleCRL

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    Anyone bought a truck on ebay? I know some of you have. I'm looking into getting a used Isuzu npr (99 or newer) box truck. Some pretty good deals out there but too far away. I know you can get them shipped, don't know how much that runs. Most have so many pics you feel like youre right there but you can't drive them. I'm still a feeling a little sketchy about buying a truck I havent driven and I would never hear the end of it from everyone around me if I brought home a lemon. From info on searches on the Isuzus I've done it seems like I should get one that's been fleet maintaine but those have the most miles. What are some of your experiences, good or bad? Doesnt have to be about isuzus, any vehicle bought on ebay. Also looking at 98-00's tacomas, so any input is appreciated.
  2. WarEagleCRL

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    no one's bought a truck on ebay?
  3. All_Clear

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    Have sold a few autos on ebay, did an even trade, never bought one tho.
  4. Brianslawn

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    i just bought one. seller was local. i only bid on local sales and there have been quite a few lately. bidding locally gives you chance to go look at truck. the one i got is 94 chevy s-10 ext cab with a newly built 5.7l (350) with headers & eddlebrock carb. almost new tires, new exhaust system and starter. 3" drop kit some other mods and in real good shape. $2800.
  5. Brianslawn

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    where you at wareagle? AR?
  6. QualityLawnCare4u

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    I bought one off of ebay back in Nov of 04. The truck was not near in good a shape as they said it was and the pics did not show the dents it had (taken from an angle). The truck was way down in Florida and I could not check it out. I had to spend a decent amount on it to get in in good shape. Important note, check their feedback score! The truck I purchased had like a 97.3 which was ok but not great. Buying any used vehicle is a gamble though.
  7. Mr. Vern

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    I just bought a 99' F250 PSD out of Texas. Saved several thousand even after paying $750 to ship it to CA. I got the truck w/157k miles on it, and the truck looked like it was maybe 2 years old. It runs perfect and is in way better condition than I expected. The guy selling it was a dealer with over 100 feedbacks and 100% positive. I read every one of his feedbacks and saw that many of them commented about how the vehicle they bought was better than expected. I didn't do it, but he advised me that I could contact one of many local shops that offer an inspection service something like a 100 point inspection for about $89 or so. Every time I look at or drive this truck I am just amazed at how well it runs and what a great experience it was. There is an online shipping company that can get you a quote from several shippers so you can know the approx. shipping before you bid. The experience had an element of risk, but I felt very comfortable through it because of the guys feedback, and in the end it went better than I could have expected.
  8. ripple

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    I have bought trucks on ebay! Just make sure you do all the research before purchase ie ; Blue book value, look at all the pictures closely, carfax, seller rating etc...
    Shipping can be expensive so try to get a vehicle thats close to home. Talk to the seller on the phone, ask alot of questions, ask friends, do alot alot alot of reserach before you purchase!
    My most recent purchase was my current dump truck 1997 GMC with a 454 5 speed, I love it and it works and runs great.
  9. vanguard

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    Bought a F-150 7700 4x4 last May. saved a lot of $$$. It was near enough to go look at & test drive. Won over a couple of local dealers who wanted it.

    Just check sellers feedback! try to shop close to home so you can see it in person before your committed!

    Good luck :drinkup:
  10. Ramairfreak98ss

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    my father bought last year a reputable g uy on ebay, it was a 2001 chevy Silverado z71 extended cab, larger tires, not big but nice over whatever is stock. It had 60k on it, looked to be awesome condition, ill try to find those pictures sometime if i can.

    We live in NJ, he paid to have it shipped from MO. When it got here it seemed fine. but after the 1st or 2nd day he noticed it rode odd, like stiff and like something wasnt right.

    We looked underneath and everything was under sprayed. ie, accident in the past all though it said clean record. then on the next cold day, cold azz air was blowing out of under the passenger foot well, we checked a buddys 2001 silverado at work and the one just off ebay was MISSING parts under the hood, like missing ducting work on the passenger firewall side and fender supports, also the fog lights were gone, just wires left.

    Then upon getting the truck up on a lift we realized that the whole pass side of the truck was at one time smashed into. the bed was replaced, passenger doors etc. The whole bottom of the truck was sprayed black to look "new". even the yellow shocks we couldnt even tell what brand they were. sucked.

    guy finally after a month refunded his money and took the truck back on the shipping carrier to MO. We know he was going to try to run with the money, was long and drawn out.

    Ive also LOOKED at cars locally that were listed on ebay, NEVER have they looked as good in person as they did on ebay. ebay is like dump my car off

    I did buy my last car not through ebay but the owner did list it there and i made him an offer a couple weeks later. Looked great online.

    I get it and theres major scratches, scuffs, rotors are warped, valve cover oil on the front is leaking and smoking after a few days time onto the exhuast manifolds. Drivers window is not in track correctly and doesnt go up all the time, rear view mirror compass not working, motor mounts are probably shot, there is an audible CLUNK everytime you put the car in reverse or drive and give it any gas. :(

    The car whs most what clean yet the trunk had like paper confetti stuff all over it. I bought it from a guy in maryland and im in NJ, he drove it all the way up here at his expense. It was still an OK deal for me since i work on these cars all the time, but for the average joe, it would have costed WAY more to fix all these problems than just buying one at a local dealer or private thats local. The tires are even half new but just low quality, like wobbles when driving slow... needed two new outter tie rods, engine was dirty as can be, never cleaned in 100k miles for a 2001.

    THEN a week later i find out the hood paint underneath stripped off easily with degreeser, its a aftermarket non GM hood, fender is aftermarket, windshield was repladed, rocker mouldings are loose and falling off... Keep in mind i have a 99 grand prix with more miles and looks 10x better than this and ive beat on my own car so theres no reason for this. If i had paid any more than i did i would have taken the guy to court for a misleading description and claims that it was in "great" condition. I paid $500 alone to have the front bumper repainted the RIGHT shade of silver as it was a repainted front bumper too. The rear bumper the guy had numberous deep dings in it from backing into ****, the front fender had a small dent in it, replaced the rear brake pads, fixed the side mouldings that were loose, removed the goop that once held on a satalite custom antenna of some sort.

    what a big pita, i would have done better off paying another 3k into a car i could see up front. :( buyer beware, unless its a absolute STEAL! which still a bad transmission could set you back 3k or more alone, you just never know.:hammerhead:

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