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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by extremecutter, Feb 18, 2012.

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    I used the cardboard bins because of the price. At the time I didn't have the money for the plasic ones, they can be quite expensive. But i don't reget buying the card board ones. They have held up pretty well. That pic was taken in my driveway so no customers were harmed in the process.
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    looks like a comfortable home D. :)
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    For service, you don't need those big trucks. For doing installs sure. But for doing strictly service, my Ford Ranger with utility body works very well. No vehicle will be 100% what you need. If you service only systems that you install, then your parts/inventory will be limited. If you service every type of system under the sun, then you need a wider assortment of inventory. An entire supply store is not needed on the vehicle, but you still need a balance of variety and quantity of components. My preference is to overstock on the smaller items - clamps, swing ells, nozzles, backflow repair parts, valve repair parts, fuses for controller, etc. I would rather have a $50-$200 item hold me up from finishing a job, than a $0.50-$20 item.
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    Many great ideas. i really like utility bed idea, but worry about visiablity in the off season when we are plowing. Already having trouble with guys wrecking bed sides plowing, which is why we started putting flatbeds on our trucks. I was thinking about a pair of topside boxes and a drawer unit from weather guard. But the question is, will i get everything in it?
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    We use both, vans and utility bodies. I prefer my utility body over the van. If I drive a van all day I get a head ache from all the stuff clanging around in the back.I will try to post some pics.
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    why i quit with the vans....

    I went so far as to put carpet inside each bin for the fittings, etc. still to no avail...
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    I buy in bulk .... keeps things simple.

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    our tax dollars hard at work

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