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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by extremecutter, Feb 18, 2012.

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    Only pics I could find for now. I have pics of the utility body set up somewhere. This one is nice, the top of the boxes flips up with storage inside. Very nice for fittings, and the bed has a sliding top enclosure so you can close and lock it for security.

    Droid pics 998.jpg

    Droid pics 923.jpg
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    Thanks Jim. I don't live there anymore though. It is my grandmothers house and i used to rent the down stairs apt. It has been in my family since it was built by my great-great grandmother in 1914. Unfortunatly I think it will have to be sold when my grandmother passes because my mother and her sisters won't agree to keep it.
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    commercial vans, trucks and modified beds all fall under DOT and PUC jurisdiction in CA. i don't know what the requirements are in all states though.

    in ca all modified trucks must cross scales which can lead to substantial delays due to inspection procedures and random safety checks. it seems that when the state needs money it steps up inspections and safety checks, along with jump scales.

    this just seems like a way to generate revenue to me, the public safety might be secondary to cash flow at the slow times of the fiscal year.

    trailers are on a PTI system and $10 American buys you a 10 year plate (last i read), trailers like trucks and vans have their limitations though.

    wish i could come up with a good all round answer but the best i have been able to do is a utility bed trailer that i use for the trencher transport, a pipe tree and trailers for equipment transport.

    i have been working on a utility bed trailer for leak detection and locating. when done all of my scuba, compressors, silent tanks, locating stuff will be in a ranger sized tongue pull.......

    i can't have nuthin nice :laugh:
  4. SoCalLandscapeMgmt

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    I've posted these before so many here have seen them..... This is the route that we went for our installation setup. She'll seat 7 people, carry full 20' lengths of pipe and has built in ramps for the smaller walk behind trencher.






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    I set up pickups with a cross box and 2 side boxes. Then pull the boxes and tailgates for the winter.

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    Hunter, is it hard to reel in all that hose manually? I was looking at one for next year but the powered ones are not cheap.

    I have a commercial locking cap with boxes on both sides. Just open the side and get what you want. It's harder to sit in the back and do assembly in the rain though. If I could get one of those bed slides it would be the ultimate service truck.
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    Not sure what the weather is like where you are, but sitting in a black metal box in 75% humidity and 105 degree heat would kill my guys. Not to mention sitting at a stop light on asphalt (110-120deg.) with no wind...:cry:
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    yeah.... the weather out here in So Cal isn't that bad. I could see how it would be a problem in Tx. We have actually been buying the Isuzu/GMC factory crewcab LCF's lately so we haven't had to go the route of the crewbox on the body. Anymore on the install truck in the picture that crew box has turned into a catchall since we typically send two trucks if we have more than three guys on the crew.
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    Not my service truck, but I love this truck for installs. Can haul a full size skid steer or 3 dingos.

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    I guess you need almost like prison accommodations for the "help" these days?

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