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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by extremecutter, Feb 18, 2012.

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    For service I run a pickup w/ utility body. I want to put a cap on it and a slide out trey for the spring. It's a crew cab, I'm also thinking of pulling the back seats and mounting either a shelving system or drawer system in place of the back seats, for more organized storage. Think this would be especially beter for the higher priced items and tools I want protected by the vehicle alarm.

    For installs I usually run my 3500 mason dump, and have an enclosed trailer that is set up as a full mobile warehouse with just about anything I could need for an install, including my dingo and attachments. I been thinking of switching this setup to a 16'+- box truck with side access door/ramp, and a tommy lift on the back for the dingo, it will be more convenient for working in the city or on tight/busy construction sites but constantly climbing up into it will suck
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    Van- keeps tools/ stock as to where it can go and what it can do

    Utility body with truck- has wench, 4 wd, and can double as a tree transport vehicle in winter...

    I prefer the truck...
    but the service guy loves his van.
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    Combination van and utility truck - works pretty good. In the process of making an overhead rack to hold pipe so it doesn't clutter up the inside.


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    i have that same van. i use it for service. its very good for keeping things organized and you have a dry spot to change or work on a manifold or something. it is a little noisy though.
    I also have a utility pickup. i drive that on a regular basis. it has a little less storage, but i can keep stock of all but the oddball items that i wouldn't carry anyway. and it's a lot less noisy to drive. i like that better.
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    It is a little noisy sometimes. I keep the partition door closed and caulked around it to eliminate the noise - works pretty good. We also use a pickup with utility boxes for some service because this truck sucks down the gas.

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