Trucks with trailers but no Advertisement

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by goku770, Apr 11, 2014.

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    What about just the opposite when they WRAP the truck and trailer with a god awful design that is hard to read??? I believe there is a thing of TOO MUCH signage that screams desperations. More than Half the wrap jobs I see on the road, I can't read. I gave up trying to read them years ago when wraps first came out.

  2. IES

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    If you saw the way I drive it might. :)
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    Even people in uniforms and signed trucks need to be questioned. In my town, anyone that drives into a neighborhood is noticed and often questioned. Interestingly enough, this tends to happen in the lower class neighborhoods most often. Lots of crime and criminals in those neighborhoods, so people tend to be extremely street smart there. In the rich neighborhoods, people tend to not give a $T. After they drive their Lexus into their garage and lower the door, whatever is going on outside is not their concern.
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    I have seen many instances of people putting themselves in danger sharing the road with company vehicles with the idea of the company having really good insurance. I used to drive a lettered company vehicle 7 years ago. People would cut you off and cry that you were driving recklessly or they would follow a truck carrying gravel or dirt and complain about things hitting their car. Well then, Forrest, get off my bumper!
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    It's all about business branding. If you do good work, people notice it and it helps that they know who you are and which company is doing it. Free advertising plus the people that see your trucks around town are likely to give you a call for work since they remember the logo or the name.

    It's so cheap to letter a truck, had my logo professionally done for cheap too. Why not?!?
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    The best is the people who jet in front of you from the lane over when you're coming to a red light...I drive very conservatively and keep lots of space but...I guess these people don't realize that trucks towing trailers don't stop as quickly as cars... The ten feet you just gained by cutting in front of me at the last minute might have been in my calculations for braking to a stop...

    Haha, didn't mean to turn this into a complaint forum for Florida driving!
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    Some yo-yo's see company trucks as a tort target. Your insurance is better than theirs so a free car, etc is a possibility. They do not drive like maniacs near a 1992 Toyota Camry with faded paint and the trim crumbling.
  8. Will P.C.

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    I see both sides of the argument. Many times a lettered truck looks pretty bad. A State Farm insurance agent has a lettered truck in his shopping center parking lot. Brand new Toyota that has been ruined with his wrap job. All the facebook, twitter, etc crap looks terrible. Whatever happened to just putting your name, phone number, and website on a truck?

    I always assumed a main reason for not lettering was people not wanting to 'tag their daily drivers. Pretty common for the boss to drive a non lettered truck while the rest are tagged.

    The amount of people purposely putting themselves in harms way for something that isn't publicly traded is slim.
  9. greendoctor

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    You would be surprised. A company truck just says "mess with me" I can't do anything about it. Like I said people are not on their best behavior. Things are done to commercial vehicles because a third party is involved.
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    Hate to use a Hillary quote but "what difference does it make"? I don't have any markings on my truck, everyone that needs to know what I do for a living knows what I do, I am plenty busy and my Home owners association forbids vehicles with signage. Is this one of those busy body threads?

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