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    We have 2 Chevy 1 ton duallys, and 8L and a duramax... I like them both, but pulling a full load the gas gets about 7.4mpg... Ugh. I know a guy with a '11 Dodge Cummins 6spd pulling a 35' goose neck (he owns a Pepridge Farm route) and on the WV/VA hills he's getting between 19-23 mpg, stock.
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    All lies.
    There is no truck that will get near 20 mpg when pulling.

    I never can quite understand why people try to brag how good of mileage they get with their trucks when most of the time they're talking out of their a$$.

    I have an 8.1 as well but not a dually, pulling my enclosed (all city driving), I get about 6.75 - 7.5 mpg depending on how windy it is.
    The guy with the Cummins is lying, especially with a heavier trailer such as a gooseneck.
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    I beat the sh!t out of my Silverado on a regular basis with no issues. It's an 01 z71 4x4 with the 5.3l Vortec in it. I average 14 around town without pulling anything, and haven't done a hand calculation while towing, but I know I get crap mileage. The one downside is the 4spd transmission. Indestructible, but annoying. If I were to get anything else, it would be a Duramax, or possibly a 5.7 Tundra. My dad had an Excursion and it was a money pit (6.0 motor wasn't bad after doing all the mods, but the Ford was awful). I hate Rams. They fall apart, they rust, interiors are crap, and I can't stand the way they ride.
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    I'll sell you a duramax
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    you guys who think a truck can't get 20mpg or better towing are crazy, a duramax with a fuel economy efi live tune and 3.73 gears or 3.54 gears will get over 20mpg while towing a trailer, all day long. they get can get 25-26mpg with no trailer. also a cummins will get close to 20mpg towing a 5-6000lb trailer all day long. I've personally done it.... 21.5 to be exact over a 600 mile trip to nj towing a monte carlo on car trailer. I'm not sure if some of you guys realize this or not, BUT THE LESS THROTTLE YOU USE THE BETTER YOUR FUEL ECONOMY IS! so a truck with 420 rear wheel hp vs. the same truck stock with 275 rear wheel hp. the truck with 275hp is gonna have a try a lot harder to move 6000lbs even on flat ground and maintain 40 or 50mph therefor using more fuel vs. the truck that has a tuner in it, will use less fuel as long the driver is accelerating quickly....ALSO THE LOWER THE RPM ON THE HIGHWAY OR AT CRUISING SPEEDS THE BETTER FUEL ECONOMY YOU GET! tires will change a lot, I went from a highway tread 265/75/16 and was getting 18-20mpg combined towing a dual axle landscape trailer my first year and before winter i put a 285/75/16 mud terrain tire, wider and very aggressive tread and I dropped 3mpg, then my injectors got worse and im down at 12-14 mpg depending on how i drive it. and that's with an 80hp tuner. which helped my fuel economy by about 3mpg, but the injectors being worn out and not spraying fuel properly really screws things up.
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    also my truck is a ford 97 f350 7.3 and has been getting worked hard since new and overloaded for over a decade, but its been well maintained so at 286,000 it is still very reliable and I would not hesitate to buy another one with over 200,000 miles on it.
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    i'm just trying to be realistic...i was hoping my 6.4 would get close to 18 or so after i tuned it...and when i say i tuned it, i mean EGR delete, DPF delete, all new exhaust, and a cold air intake...i run it on the 275 tune which apparently is the best tune for fuel efficiency...the best MPG's i ever got was 16.3 doing about 80 on a 5 hour trip, so all highway...all city i get about 13.2-13.5...these are real world numbers, and i sunk well over 2k into it...i do remember the guy who helped me install it say he thought the down pipe has a leak in it, and i have 126k miles on it, so who knows how well the injectors are working, but no serious signs of anything going wrong, other than it's starting to smoke a little more than usual while driving casually, you used to not be able to see any smoke at all if you didn't want to, now it smokes at every acceleration...
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    Well my 06 cummins with 3.73 gears and 33" tires gets around 15-16 pulling my 16' landscape trailer. Is heavier then most landscape trailers. Also it has a solid metal gate on the back so I catch a lot of wind. I doubt my trailer cold be pulled at highway speeds and get 20 mpg by any truck
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    How heavy in the trailer. Our 20' weighs 2900# empty and I get 24 pulling it. 3.73 gears and 33" tires
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