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    slow down to 65 mph and accelerate easier meaning use less throttle. I would bet you will crack 20mpg if not higher. slowing down is one of the easiest ways to get better fuel economy. my buddy has a 6.4 extended cab short bed with 3.73 gears and he just got back from a trip from ct to nc and got 26 mpg hand calculated. and consistently gets 25-26mpg in the 275 tune egr delete and dpf delete as well. he also bought his truck new and only has 45000 miles on it.
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    You have my opinion on what are the best trucks out there

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    Nice trucks
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    haha...while we are on the subjects of trucks, i literally just saw the new silverado commercial as we are talking about this, and the tag line was "nobody beats our trucks...and by nobody, i mean ford and dodge."...i'm not a chevy fan, but that was damn beating around the bush here

    there is also another commercial out, not sure if it's GMC or chevy, but the bed rails have LED lights under them for bed lighting, more tie down spots, and a step on the bumper...this should have been done for years, for all trucks...the one thing i don't understand about my "super" duty is the fact that the bed has ONE tie down spot...i love ford but that's also squats the most out of all 5 trucks with a trailer hooked on, but that's another subject
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    Jbell, is yours pushing out white or black smoke?
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    But those are what, 4500/5500s? That's cheating! haha.
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    it's a very faint smoke at acceleration, but it didn't used to be's mostly black from what i can tell, especially if i try to make it smoke
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    I would replace the spark plugs
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    Your comment deserves a smiley...or :laugh:
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    i feel the sincerity in your comment...

    Valk, where you at in Kansas?

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