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    I have had chevy ford and dodge , first I like the chevy's for work trucks , I had an 88 2500 that close to 300,000 before the 350 went just small stuff , in 2011 I purchased 2 new chevy's a 3500 and a 2500 , so far I have been happy , they usually are towing a trailer or hooked up to a plow loaded down with salt. So my vote chevy for work trucks , Ford has some really nice trucks and I like the ride you get from a ford , and as far as dodge I have had the most trouble with them. Over all I buy chevy , not real fancy , the ride is not the best but they get the job done but lets face it the newer stuff is not built anything like the older stuff was so its hard to brag on any brand.
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    For what it's worth, I did an experiment tonight...took a 83.7 mile trip and used 3.837 gallons, coming out to 21.81 my experiment was to go 59 MPH (which sucked in a 75 speed limit)...the boost was around 4 and the rpm's were 1500...filled up at a gas station on the outside of town, took the non stop highway all the way to my destination which was right off the highway, and back to the gas station, filled it up to the exact point, which is until I see the foam about to come out

    For those who didn't read through, I have a 6.4 PowerStroke with a 275 spartan tuner, all emissions I said earlier, doing 79 I got 16.3, and in town I get 13.5

    REAL world numbers, hand calculated every single fill up
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    I don't like calculating mileage on just a few gallon fill up. I know on our Vortec, it's got 2x28 gal tanks. If I fill up anywhere under 20 gallons, it's always around 7~7.4 mpg. On those rare times that I do feel like wasting a bunch of money and almost filling up both tanks I've noticed the mileage will go up to over 9mpg. Basically what I'm saying, on our gasser the longer we go the "better" mpg it gets, even if it is just 2 gal.
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    Ive owned all three, "never say never" but I think Ive owned my last ford diesel. My opinion the fords look the best straight off the lot, but we have had better luck w GM stuff working them each day... But Im no die hard GM guy either. Wish my duramax was getting over 20mpg. Im somewhere between 14-15. Maybe after warranty ill tune it... Maybe tomorrow!
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    I think it's funny somewhat about guys wanting a "work" truck that "looks" good. I guess I've always been of the mentality... I'd rather have something ugly that gets out and makes the money, rather than something pretty that just primps around. Our two trucks are dedicated work trucks, both '04 Chevy 1 tons. No, they aren't the "prettiest" but they've always worked hard. We keep them clean because I want them to last, but still. They are work trucks, not show trucks.

    I like the looks of the Dodge's the best, if we are basing things on looks. But I've known too many guys who owned late 90's up to mid 2000's that had frame issues and transmission issues (out of the automatics). I think everyone can agree on the 6.0L Fords that haven't been modified. All in all, I think the Chevy's have been the most durable for the past 12 years or so of all brands. Granted in the past 2, 3 years Dodge and Ford have made a lot of changes, but I think it's still too early for long term durability. I believe manufacturers are realizing that companies are hanging onto stuff longer, so in the 3/4 ton+ size categories you're going to see better across the board.
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    pretty good post...i would agree with most of that...our WORK trucks are simply that, work trucks, no leather, sunroof, or even power windows/locks...but MY truck is nice, with all the bells and whistles, which is the truck i use for irrigation and a secondary truck for a trailer when needed, then it will plow this year finally in the "off" it's an all around be honest, it doesn't look like a work truck really at all

    depends on which years we are talking, but i would agree dodge had some great years as far as looks go...their current style is my least favorite that they have done, but i have heard the trucks are getting much better as far as durability goes...the mid to late 90's was my favorite for ALL the big 3, '97 in particular, that's the last year ford had their classic body style, and the '94-'01 dodges were my favorite body style, but their automatic transmissions were TERRIBLE...i also loved the '97 chevy body style too, this was the first truck/body style that i ever wanted...unfortunately i had to wait longer than i wanted to and went with a '99 dodge for my first truck...bad choice, had to replace the engine, transmission, rear end, heater core, etc.(not one of those are cheap)..the rust was absolutely terrible on it, didn't notice it until about a year after i bought it...still bitter about that truck

    with that said, i still think ford has the best overall package, especially the '11 and newer trucks with the 6.7 in them...i would buy a dodge simply because we have a great relationship with our dodge dealership, and they are growing...used to have one building, now they have 5 buildings and one street that they have dedicated to themselves, that includes doing their own street point it, i want to keep them happy as we do all their maintenance, so i wouldn't mind driving some cummins...i'll keep my truck for a long time tho, love it too much and have put a lot of money into it (tuner, air intake, exhaust, emissions delete, installation)
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    I don't think I gave much though it, but a lot of LCOs work trucks are also their personal trucks. I know around here there are several guys riding around in the jacked up F-150s and Silverados pulling a trailer. Heck, there's even a newer GMC Denali SUV pulling a trailer with a Ferris around here. I guess that's part of the reason for some guys wanting a "pretty" truck. I know it takes an act of congress to get my wife into one of my trucks.

    Like you said, our work trucks are plain Jane, no power anything, just a plain radio, not even cassette or CD... They do have AC, that's it. My personal truck on the other hand I ordered it as loaded as I could get it at the time. It's a Chevy Avalanche, and I doubt it would even handle one of our trailers empty.
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    I pull my 7x14 brimar heavy duty dump trailer with 2' high wood sides on top of the 2' high metal sides loaded about 7' out and about 4' high with grass/leaf mixture and the scag cheetah in there with the bagger system and get 12.3 mpg and that's using my underpowered 7.3 powerstroke, with a bad injector or two. the trailer empty is 4000 lbs, the mower is easily over 1000lbs with the bagger on it, then another 2000 in grass clippings and leaves if not more.
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    We have 12 trucks. (2) isuzu tankers, (2) 1990 f250's, (4) 2001 f350's, (1) 2005 f550 w/ 6.0, (1) 2008 f350, (1) 1998 chevy 2500 silverado, (1) ford f150.

    Overall the fords have been ROCK SOLID. No major problems in all of our 5.4's, all with over 80k. No problems with the 6.0 either but we've only put 5k on it from the original 40k we bought it with. Our only chevy we bought this year as a back up plow truck. Body has 250k, 350 gasser has 50k and tranny with 70k. Since buying it, everything is mechanically sound, only small things needing to be done. very comfy interior, I've actually been driving it around cause i like the interior more. The older fords have also been great trucks, both with over 200k, working daily in the summer.

    We love ford and will stay with them. Next truck will most likely be a diesel 350 of some sort.

    New dodges look real nice, New chevys i hate the looks. Couldnt give an opinion on reliability or interior BUT id say about 70% of the work trucks i see around here are fords.

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    Nice looking fleet... How many miles on the NPR's?

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