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    Run 97 f250 4wd and 94 f250 2wd and 82 dodge van. OK the van is my portable storage (sprinkler parts). I would not have anything less than a 3/4 ton. I wouldn't mind a 1 ton if the back tires didn't stick out. Also I think the cab forward trucks are a good idea but I can't see driving the kids to ball practice in one. My work truck is also my personal truck. Both fords have 351's. I am leaning toward a diesel on next purchase but not sure about the noise. I need the power though because of moving Bobcat etc.
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    John, Did you hear that dodge will not be using the Cummins after next year. They are going to switch to a Benz diesel engin! Now that Ford owns Cummins, I wouldn't be surprised to see it pop into the Ford SD's in the future, there was talk of them going with another diesel motor down the road. I have owned both Ford PSD and Dodge with the Cummins, had no problem with the Cummins, it was just the rest of the truck. Ford, GM have more experience making heavy duty trucks and they do it right. I'm picking up my 3rd Ford f350 psd tomorrow I have no complaints about the others I have.
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    Hi John. I'm sure your truck is really nice, but you're comparing apples to oranges here. If you want to talk about trucks that DODGE builds, compared to trucks FORD builds, the PSD will leave you in the dust. I test drove both the PSD, and the Cummins. I sometimes need to tow very heavy loads down the highway, and I'm here to tell you. A stock Cummins engine equipped Dodge truck isn't as good as a Ford PSD equipped truck if you want to be able to maintain speed on hills. The Cummins just doesn't make enough power. It's too small (5.9 liters compared to Ford's 7.3). The PSD will out excellerate the Cummins all day long, and out pull it too. That's why so many more people go with the PSD's. Another thing that I didn't like about the Cummins was the way I had to keep the rpms up to keep the engine in it's powerband. I'm sure the cummins will last longer, but I don't plan on keeping any one truck long enough to rack up a million miles. <p>If you want to talk aftermarket kits. You can buy a banks turbo, and blow away the aftermarket kits fo the Cummins.<p>Victor (a very happy PSD owner)
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    I have seen that Chevy/GMC trucks will have the Isuzu Diesel called Duramax it will have more power than the PSD and Cummins, them two have 235 hp it's suppose it have 300hp and 520ft torque more torque than both, also it's suppose to be the quietist diesel ever made it's coming out in the late fall. I did have a new Dodge quad cab short bed w/the Cummins 5spd and it didn't do near as good as everyone said it would do only got 12-14 mpg pulling my 20ft bumper mount trailer. <p>----------<br>T.J. Greenfield<br>
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    The truck in our arsenal that impresses me the most is an 89' nissan 1/2 ton 2 wheel drive. Pound for pound and inch for inch I can't believe what this truck will pull. It's best to have trailor brakes for sure when using a small truck. This nissan seems to have a low center of gravity and actually pulls better than some full size 1/2 tons we use.
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    mattingly<p>Go to and talk to them via e-mail. Talk to Alex the shop forman. They build folding ramps out of expanded metal for all kinds of trucks. their ramps can handle a skid steer. they use a spring setup so one guy can pick up the gate. The superlawn truck has two hydralic rams that make the ramp go up and down but you spend a lot of dollars for that electric-hydralic configration.
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    94 ford f-150, 302 v8, auto, longbed. and AC!!!
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    Victor,I know the psd will outpull a Cummins auto stock,and Im glad you like yours-I think its a good work truck.But,when modified the PSD is in the dust-go get your 3000 dollar banks kit,ill put a 300 dollar torque plate and a 500 set of injectors in and its over.A 5spd ram can make 400HP/1000ft lbs at the rear wheels for $500 dollars,A psd cant even come close,just because Banks kit only has 260 HP,doesnt mean there isnt more.TST is where its at for Ram owners,if you want to throw away money on low power,buy Banks.A stock Cummins can handle over 45PSI of turbo boost,with a thicker headgasket 60PSI has been hit by some guys.A PSD would blow the crank out and pop the heads off if you tried this with it.That is why a 5.9 can blow off a 7.3,its getting twice the fuel/air at high boost,which the PSD would blow up at.As for a narrow powerband,mine starts at 1400 and pulls hard to 2600,with my little 250 plate(The most the stock trans can handle)I drove a PSD and I wasnt impressed,no power until 2200,then it pulled good till 3100 where it sounded like it was going to blow.At highway speed with 3.73 it was below the powerband and had to be downshifted like my 350 to pull,then it was good.My truck is in its powerband 1800 at 70mph,and I have never needed to drop a gear unless a car made me slow down.Stock I had to drop sometimes.I hope the Duramax blows everyone away,that way Ford and dodge will make them faster too.I like the PSD,but for max power nothing beats a Cummins.If you know of a PSD that will beat DR performance's 635 HP/1400 FT/lb at wheels '99 24 Valve Cummins I will apologize and take it back.That is on diesel fuel-no propane,and lots of boost.<p>----------<br>John D<br>
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    John,<p>your wasting your time talking up Cummins to the Ford guys, some folks never learn, just keep going to the blue oval like flies to stink.<p>My buddy just turned in his Freightliner, 1996, with the same Cummins B engine as the Ram, 530,000 miles, still runs strong, I have yet to see a 7.3 Navistar with over 200k that wasnt huffing and puffing great blue clouds of burned Rotella. The Cummins is just broken in by then.<p>Yup, a new powersmoke may outpull a Cummins uphill but it wont do it for long.<p>Bill<p>PS to nlminc Ford does NOT own Cummins, and Dodge has Cummins scheduled as an option for the 2002 model year and beyond. Actually next year is the last year for the powersmoke, Navistar has discontinued the ol converted gasser from the 70s and is replacing it with an all-new designed-as-a-diesel-from-the-ground-up engine I believe its a 6.0 liter but may be wrong on the displacement.
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    Bill, Ford has owned Cummins for at least 2 years now and I read in last weeks Boston Globe Auto section that the Cummins is being discontinued (in dodge trucks)after 2001 or 2002 and being replaced with a Benz diesel. Only sharing with you what I read from a reliable source.<br>I'm not a Cummins diesel trasher, I just like the Fords. I got my opinion, you got yours and the guy up the street has his, no big deal. Like I said before I have owned both and have had more problems with the truck surrounding the Cummins. I doubt that if Dodge replaces the Cummins for the Benz diesel that it is for any fault on Cummins. I've also read that Ford may discontinue the Powerstoke and go with another. The next few years should be interesting for GM, Ford and Dodge loyalist, lets hope this will benifit us all.<p>Chris <p>

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