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  1. bobbylawn

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    1997 GMC 1500 ext. cab 5.7 liter 350 engine the best truck i've ever used.
  2. accuratelawn

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    98 F-150 v-6. If you are thinking about buying a truck, purchased at least 3/4 ton v-8.
  3. You can do a lot with a light duty pickup<br>with a six if you change the rear axle<br>to 4.10, 4.54, or even a stump pulling<br>5.13 ratio with a limited slip diff.
  4. Alan

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    For what it's worth, the newer GM pickups with &quot;speed sensitive&quot; steering are having problems with the sensors going bad. Makes for some interesting twitches in the steering. I understand that National Highway Transportation Safety Board is looking into it as a possible mandated recall. Cure for now is to change a sensor that is located on the steering column. Our 97 K-2500 is starting to act up so it's due for a trip to the shop. We have the sensor but it looks like too much of a pain to replace it ourselves.
  5. Turf Cutters

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    We use a 97 Ford F250HD 4x4 crew cab with auto transmission and the 460 V8. Also use a Dodge Ram 2500 4x4 with auto transmission and the V10. This truck is used mainly for towing the trailors and snow removal. I have had very good luck with both. <p>
  6. Alan

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    Well,, I know it's not for everyone, but my main truck is a '91 S-10. Spends the summer towing a 14 ft trailer with a hydro walk and a Lazer Z on board. 4.3 FI, so power is adequate and with trailer brakes I can stop it. Maneuverable as all hell and easier on gas than the K-2500. In the winter it shoves an 8' Sno-Way plow with ease. Probably not the rig for everyone, nor would I have it if I could only have one truck. But I've got either the K-2500 or my 5500 GMC (19,500 GVW)if I need to tow or haul heavy, so the S-10 works just fine the way I'm using it.
  7. mattingly

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    Thanks for the advice on the ramp guys. I think I am going to get something here in town like a spring loaded landscape gate. I am going to talk with the people tomorrow. I don't have time to get something online. Hey there Brook Haynes. I hope I do good enough work and we both can compete friendly. What kind of equipment do you have and where are you working in Lexington. Do you have many properties now? I have a few and two landscape jobs. I am starting this week.<p>----------<br>Integrated Landscape Solutions<br>Lexington, KY
  8. QLC

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    Mattingly,<br>I do most of my work in Versailles right now. I work in a factory full time and this is my side job. In a couple of years I hope to go full time lawn care though. I have an Exmark 48&quot; Viking and a Kees 61&quot; ZMax and all the other odds and ends. Just bought a spray unit this year from Ryan's Agri. I have about 15 mowing and spraying accounts. I am running an add in the Herald Leader for 20 days to see what it does. I also have an add in the Versailles paper and phone book. Hope all goes well for ya. Maybe we can meet sometime.<p>Brook
  9. mattingly

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    QLC,<br> That'd be fine with me. I have to update my post in the who, what, where section but that should give you some sort of idea of what I do. Don't think we will be competing for some time though. We work different areas.<p>----------<br>Integrated Landscape Solutions<br>Lexington, KY
  10. cutting edge

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    Last year '87 Jeep Wrangler and 5 X 10. This year '90 F150 supercab and a 16ft tandem. I sure miss the tight turning radius of the Jeep.

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