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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by RedMax Man, Jun 1, 2008.

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    I was wondering the same thing. Some of us have a legitimate excuse, because I had school.

    (first post on the 100th page)
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    well polotics are a bad thing to talk about they are baned on LTS because the agruments can get heated. I feel bad for everyone when obama gets in he is full of false promises. I still have not seen or heard of anything positive or negative that he has acomoplished????? any one can say change!!! and biden that weisal he lied !! when asked if he would be running he sayed i won't run no matter who asked me well look who is obamas running mate I guess stupidity and liars go hand and hand .And don't tell me obama knew nothing about his aunt that is here ilegally and gave him a $260 donation and sucking of the state in public housing!!!He said do the legal thing and send her back well what else can he say before the election duh!!!Some one should keep an eye on his aunti she will be back after the election i'm sure.
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    Ok I knew that was comming, I stoped home cause I had to drop the pick-up off to get new tires an I was waiting for my mom to give me a ride back so I hoped on here, My other two guys were working tho so its all good.
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    What are you guys doing with the loader every time you go to dump??
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    I was home at 2 cuz i needed to get some invoices and the guat dropped out early cuz he had an appointment. Then i went back out.
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    Yeah by this time next year i will be outta business if that dictator screwball takes over.
    too many people can't figure out that they're digging their own grave
    He makes people feel good and gives em hope in things aren't gona happen when all said and done after you take everything into consideration. Truth is can it really happen. President Bush said we'd have "shock and Awe" when we invaded Iraq. Did that really happen. Maybe a little but not like it was all anticipated before hand by the government say it was gona be.

    Give him your money and he'll give it to the next person in line.
    yeah but it affects this biz in the long run.
    Just speaking the truth LOL
    Thats good!
    You werent doing cleanups either. The truck empty yet?
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    Answers to about 42 questions and not mine? Is it a secret? lol
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    The sod you laid down at the office looks nice. The only question I have is why by the road where you put down the 3/4 ( which I understand why) the edge is so jaged and not straight across?

    Also I noticed in your Fall Cleanup pictures, in the picture of your Wright Stander you have a bunge on your catcher? Is that to help from uneven lawns to keep the catcher from falling off? Does it help, because I have that problem on some of my accounts.

    On my second week of cleanups, I have such a good helper this year we have been "blowing" through my cleanups in no time which is great. I gotta remember to bring my camera this week and more importantly to make sure it has batteries in it. haha

  9. RedMax Man

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    The edge at the far end go messed up and isn't straight. its also not the same grade. next season i'm going to put a 6x6 timbers between the sod and crushed stone once it establishes and fix the wall by the parking lot so its all the same structure.

    the bungie is to keep the deflector up. not for the catcher. it doesn't fall off.

    Thanks for the comments.
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