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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by RedMax Man, Jun 1, 2008.

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    You had no reason to say what you said. McCain wasnt Bush for god sakes. He woulda done a much better job then Obama will do. eww President Obama, i want to hang myself now...
  2. JShe8918

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    What was his comment on t.v. I don't remember word for word but it was something along the lines of "My MUSLIM FAITH"..... " You mean your christian faith," says the reporter. I mean WTF he is a lying coon A**. You don't just accidently claim the wrong faith. I hope all of you are happy for just making the worst decision for our country. He wants to pull our troops out from overseas. that have volunteered for our country. To make us more vulnerable to another terrorist attack, next he is Pro Choice. Did you know that before they preform abortion that they check for the baby's heart beat.... If something has a heart beat then it means it is alive. So therefore you are taking a life of an innocent child that god has given you whether it was planned, just a one night stand, or even a rape. It is a gift from god above. Lets see. I can only hope that this does not send our country into a depression with these taxes. Spread the wealth my butt. I don't want to pay for some lazy a** that won't go out and look for a job.
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    Totally uncalled for you racist prick...and before you ask no I am not black.

    B.T.W sorry redmax for continuing the off-topic trail of your thread
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    Not i am not racist. he is roughly only 3% black... I have many black friends. i did not mean that the way it sounds. Typically in the area i live it is a figure of speech. Nothing to do with color, race, or ethnic background. Whites say it to whites, blacks to blacks, white to black, and black to white. I should have used different terms due to the wide spread area this site covers. I am sorry if i offended anyone and i too am sorry for contributing to this off topic conversation.
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    I think we need some pictures to get this back on track. All of these posts should be in the political section
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    Oh I'm sure they will be gone when the mods get around to it......
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    If you go back in the archives of this forum, page 100 I think, Micah was the one that started it:) Not that I"m sounding like a kid or anything, we're all professionals:dancing:.
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    Alright well except for Micah...... no more politics haha
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    well ill try and get this thread back on topic. very nice leaf cleanup outfit. i wish i could justify a leaf loader but when the city does curbside pickup its kinda hard to lol. and ive said this before and will say it again. bein only 16 i really look up to you and what you have accomplished.
  10. SIWEL

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    get some commercials who need their leafs hauled out. a lot of commercial properties don't like the piles of leafs on the curbs infront of the buisness. I justify mine with my large church property i take care of. if it wasn't for the leaf loader i hypothetically could not have that contract. so i might as well have one... :weightlifter:

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