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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by RedMax Man, Jun 1, 2008.

  1. Junior M

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    Ahh that'll buff right out! :laugh: That really sucks, no way you can beat that out, and you cant replace a piece of the bed, so looks like your getting a whole new bed.. Atleast no one was hurt..
  2. oakhillslandscaping

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    thats too bad micah, look like how mine used to look before i got it painted and had the bed replaced, lucky for you long beds are 10 times easier to find then short beds
  3. nnj18

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    WOW that sux man.
  4. joelbouch

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    ahh that about 7k worth of damage quick bend the frame rail and put the engine on the ground and split the rear axle hello new truck but if you still owe money on it and insurance dont cover it all and you dont have gap on it still have to keep paying for it any ways how did the front get managled wheres the plow
  5. born2farm

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    I think thats the truck that hit him. I was wondering the same thing but you can see the plow on his truck. The trucks do look identical.
  6. MysticLandscape

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    The 06 is tougher than the 99, didnt suffer as much damage and your truck crumbled... :cool2:
  7. Jayslawncare

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    That sucks...It's always the other people on the road that cause the problems. If people would only learn to get off the road when it snows then we wouldnt have situations like this. Sucks about the truck but now you have a reason for a new one...
  8. oakhillslandscaping

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    yeah mass is full of idiots who shouldnt drive in bad weather im a hockey coach at my local high school and i watched the kids leave the rink after practice when the storm had just started and half the kids were doing donuts and the mothers were in there mini vans sliding out of the parking lot with two hands on the wheel and there eyes glued to the windshield i was waiting for a phone call that someone got in an accident which is sad to think but stuff happens especailly in bad weather
  9. Kennedy Landscaping

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    Man that really sucks! I really like that truck. Hopefully you can get it fixed
  10. RedMax Man

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    Bed, bumper mostly. i think everything else is fine. I'd say the guy that hit me is at fault because i wasn't violating any laws, just in slow traffic.
    I still like it haha
    Yeah, weren't you behind me today in the white Chevy p/u on 38 headn towards Lowell?
    Hmm didn't even think of that. true i need a whole new bed. Yeah i had my younger bro with me and the guy that hit me had his little daughter with me. Everyone was fine.

    I was on the phone with my dad who was out plown too and the car infront of me slowed down suddenly to make a left turn then i got hit.
    Thats good.
    I'm glad the truck was still drivable and no tires blown so i could keep making money.
    Only my rear end got damaged. I didn't hit anyone infront of me.
    Only thing different between the trucks is one is a diesel and newer.
    Its better to crumple when impacted. Mines tougher because i was able to slow down and stop fast. The truck that rear ended me just slid all the way down the street. no extra weight on front or in the bed. the heavy diesel engine is on the front and nothing in the back.

    He took responsibility for the accident because he couldn't stop so he swerved to the right. When i got out of the truck and saw his i knew exactly who it was because i see it every day when driving by the guys office on Lakeview.
    He was on his way home to Chelmford from work. I saw the truck parked just a few hours earlier in the parking lot.

    Newyear's eve is a tough day for a snow storm. When it was most intense was when the most people were on the rd.

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