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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by RedMax Man, Jun 1, 2008.

  1. deere615

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    Awesome pics, you have some sweet equipment
  2. DSLND

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    Whats the wheel/tire combo on the Dodge?

  3. BulldogPS

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    20 x 10 Pro Comp teflon coated wheels, Toyo Open Country M/T 33 x 12.5- 305/50/20
  4. BulldogPS

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    Magic -0, Only have one pic of the mowers, from last year. I will take some more as we have 2 new Scag Wildcats among other things.
  5. BulldogPS

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    Yeah thats my T190. I do have some Work Pics, but most of my big projects were taken with my 35 mm camera and I have yet to upload those pics onto my computer. All these pics that you see were taken with my employee's digital camera, and I never know what he's going to take a picture of. Most of his pics are blurry, poor angles, glare or dim. I have a few portfolio books that I use to show customers our work, but I have pull the books apart to scan the pics. Here is a few pics of a mulch job that required 40 yds mulch, edging, new plantings. Nothing special, but this house was severely overgrown and had not been mulched in 5 years +. When we started there were no edged beds to seperate the flower beds from the woods. There were damaged shrubs along the house from falling ice and snow that we removed, Trimmed everything. See the wonderfull Photography skills:dizzy:





  6. BulldogPS

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    This disaster was a 25,000 sq ft lawn that the customer had the house built and the Builders landscaper went under, leaving behind some of the most atrotious work I have ever seen. We had to bring in 400+ yds of loam because the lot was too low and mostly sand. Problem being that a sprinkler system was already installed, and was not set to where grade should be. The stamped concrete walkway was built by the other landscaper, What is up with that pitch, I'm pretty sure that violates every building and safety code on the book, what a hack. We cleaned up the mess spread the the loam and prepped for hydroseed.





  7. BulldogPS

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    more pics.

    I only took this job because it led to a rather large commercial account that fed us all winter and spring.





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    I think you should start your own thread. LOL
  9. BulldogPS

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    Sorry Trudeau. Hey, you asked for pics of work. lol
  10. RedMax Man

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    Yes sir,
    No striper rollers or any attachments for enhancing stripes are on my mowers.
    I will build one out of wood. Yes i did sell the leaf box to another landscaper with an F-250 similar to mine and the same dump insert.
    U talkn bout the stickers on tools? The screen printing shop that did all my shirts did those also.
    Good day today bud and i'm sure you are glad the amigo came. Havent gotten this dirty yet mowin this season. it goes downhill from now with fall cleanups in the near future.
    You asked for it. hahaha
    No problem bully LOL. You cant look like a pussy with a co. name like that and head turnin Ford Strokers. Maybe i'll see ya one of these days down at the shop on Alexander.

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