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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by RedMax Man, Jun 1, 2008.

  1. RedMax Man

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    I do bag grass sometimes but most of the time i don't or dump onsite. Yes i do dump any debris in the dump before i haul mulch or loam. Sometime i will get a dump trailer maybe but i need a second truck too if i want to use both. They are very handy thats for sure. Thanks!
    I'm trying. Ahh that was just one of the many figurines at that house. The one beside the base of that tree right.
    Thanks, To tell you the truth my rig is one of the better and more professional, well cared for fleets in my area. I hate to come across as always bragging but thats the truth. Many companys here don't have any real care about their image but for others its an important aspect of the company.
  2. RedMax Man

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    Yup i started with nothing expect for the Honda 21" mower and worked my way yp.
    Haha thanks, here are a few old pics...
    They are from 2005 and 2006.
    It makes me laugh just looking at them:laugh: Those were the days...

    BTW i still have that wagon and i keep the Billy Goat leaf loader on its so i can move it more easily.



  3. Lawn Enforcer

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    Well, you did have a lot better trimmers and blower than most people have when they start out. I had a Ryobi trimmer and a Craftsman blower!
  4. Turtle Creek Lawn Care

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    RedMax Man

    In one of your pics. you made a new mulch bed around what looked to be a tree stump, what did you use for that? Brown Bed Edger? Also, I know this will probably sound stupid but... where do you get those small green trash cans from?

    Ryan :)
  5. Youngone07

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    that stander is a gift from god!!!!!!! How much did you have to fork over for that beauty?
  6. mike33087

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    looks good man, you've come along way. its nice to see other younger guys doing well
  7. tls22

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    Matchbox 20 said it best"Lets see how far we've come".....Nice stuff man...keep up the good work!:weightlifter:
  8. Travis E

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    All of you work looks really good! You should be an insperation to most of the young ones on here. Keep up the good work and keep the pictures coming, everyone loves the pictures!
  9. N.H.BOY

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    Oh man---dont start on those green cans:dizzy: there is a thread on here that we must of talked about those green cans for days. I wanted one also and he told me Home Depot..took awhile to find them, but very well worth it. One on the best investments for me anyways. Ive got two. You will be surprised how much you will use them. THANKS AGAIN RedMax Man:clapping:
  10. Petr51488

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    Yea, they have them in Homedepot. They used to be 40.00 a few years ago, last year they were 45, and now their 49. I bag all my accounts and their a dream to use. I thought everyone used or had them.

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