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    I had some people call me asking that I come look at their yard and tell them what was wrong or what they could do. I didn't exactly jump on it because it sounded like an other Tire Kicker. Finally after 3 calls I made it to their house because I was in that Neighborhood.

    WOW What a mess. First there wasn't enough St Augustine left to save any of it. Got to admit it was a nice stand of Crab Grass. But the Biggie was the shrubs that were burned in the front where the TG/CL tech sprayed them but not the backs of the shrubs next to the house. This alone shows mismanagement or lack of professional care. Under law there is a STANDARD OF CARE that must be assured by a service provider.

    Interesting thing was they had Before TG/CL Pictures of when they purchased the house 1 1/2 years ago. BTW the same time they hired TG/CL. I suggested they take after Pictures and Email both Before and After Pictures to TG/CL with a note they wanted their landscape replaced or they would be contacting a lawyer.

    I heard by the Grape Vine TG/CL in my area is replacing an average of a lawn a week from mismanagement. I plan to follow up on this one just to see if TG/CL does anything. I want to seethem crash & burn

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    great company! :hammerhead:

    i thought i read an interview with the CEO somewhere about how they were having a problem with one of the products they were using for T/S, and the company making the product was supposed to be replacing alot of the customers trees and shrubs??

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    Shrubs burned. Clarify this. Was it hot? Only the sunny part of the bush burned?

    Do the bushes have symptoms of phenoxy herbicide? Did you get photos for us to see? How was the weed control? Were there any weeds in the bushes--and were they affected? Do the records show what product was used? Hand gun or ride-on equipment?

    How come so much crabgrass?
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    Believe it or not Crab Grass lives more than a year in South Florida. Unless we get a hard freeze most of the Crab Grass survives. Water Front high dollar property has least chance of freezing. Also remember Crab Grass looks like St Augustine to the untrained eye.

    The shrubs looked like a hot mix CONTACT pesticide was sprayed on the front of the plants. (ex: Dormant Oil) Which Pesticide it was I am not sure. Of Course the South side was burnt the most from Florida's sun. There was a defiant line of defoliation on the front of each plant, while the leaves on the back half were healthy. BTW These were fairly mature Shrubs which should stand more than a young plant. My take is the Guy just walked around the house waving his spray guy at the foundation of the house getting the shrubs.

    OK I know you worked for TG ""Back When"" I respect your knowledge having read many if not all your post about Pesticides. But we are talking TODAY"S TG/CL. Here in my area they pay $8.25 an hour and a 5% bonus for production quota. I could go on but we have both seen the long list of complaints.

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    You are probably right, Ric.
    But I need to post some pictures of what happened to arbor vitae trees in my neighborhood during the big midsummer drought. In many cases the sunny side of the tree is completely brown.
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    Lots of dead arbs around here. What I find interesting is in a row of 30 or so, two died right next to each other but the rest lived. See that everywhere.
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    Florida has had a record rain fall this year so burning plant is even harder. The bottom line is unqualified people doing work they have no understanding of.

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    My Ag inspector tells me that they run every product way under the label rate. Why? I think it is a business tactic to be at the property more often for upsells. Does it work? I don't think so. All of my customers that have switched from them have two stories, either a billing issue or every excuse why they cannot kill the weeds. IMO they are not going to be around much longer.
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    While I agree that their service is not for everyone especially those who want a quality result, they are the largest and will continue to be for a long time. They have the market share and the marketing ability to replace those who not enjoy their services five times over. Not to mention they have the price point that attracts the masses.
    It is not for everyone...but almost everyone will give it a try at some point.

    In edit. They have what I call Tip Burned several lawns here with a hot mix. When talking to one of the techs I knew that was from a smaller firm aquired by TG, he said it had something to do with the mix coming in too hot as well as they were living the left over the weekend. Not sure how accurate that is but they burned many many lawns this year here. They burned a guys lawn about 2 weeks ago in my subdivision applying herbicides. You could follow the techs path as he backpacked the lawn. The HO said that they had already replaced a couple pallets of sod in his lawn in the two years that he had them.
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    This is a bit off-topic. Sorry. Here are a couple arbor vitae trees that were damaged by heat and dryness in the summer dry spell in 2012.

    Could be mistaken for herbicide damage, if you didn't know the history and weather in past 3 months.

    Notice that the tree in the top photo is partially shaded. The trees in the second photo are on the east side of the fence...morning sun, partial afternoon shade. Still toast.


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