True Brown burns an other one

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Ric, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. Ric

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    It has been my experience if a Plant drops brown/dead leaves, It is trying to make a come Back.

    If the Brown leaves stay on the plant and are hard to pull off, The plant is done.

    Of course this is not written on the wall and only a general observation. Mother Nature has made a lier out of me more than once.

    The Tree in the first picture looks like my customer plants in the fact the protected side is still Green. But I am 2,000 miles South of you and in a totally difference climate. So I don't know your area or problems.

  2. nik

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    That's the problem since it isn't illegal to stay under the label rate. some states have rules about applying what is essentially worthless pesticides, but it is very hard to prove.
  3. Ric

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    I just got a call from this TG/CL Customer. The TG/CL guy just left her house saying it was Too much rain that caused her plants to Die in Front and still be green on the backside. I wished I had been there to tear him a new One.

    She also told me she Googled TG/CL and found all kinds of bad press on line. She claims she never would of hired them if she read the Internet first.

    The Customer has shrub replacement Quotes but is still not sure if the Hassle of going after TG/CL in court is worth the effort. I did tell her I never go after my dead beats in court because the Time & Cost wasn't worth it. However get me mad enough and I will spend more than it is worth just to make my point. I also told her companies like True Brown depend on people not suiting. As much as I would love to see her sue True Brown, It is less stressful to walk away. It will alway stick in her mind that TG/CL screwed up her yard.

  4. ted putnam

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    Putting gravel around the base of those by the fence wasn't the brightest thing to do :hammerhead:

    Would you like your arbivitae "sunny side up" or "over easy"
  5. gregory

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    LMFAO.... ric it was a good thing i wasnt there also or it wasnt my house bc i would have told the guy bull **** also.. what to much rain in fla is there such a thing.. i know this rainy season has been bad but made her shrubs turn brown??? i am no pro but i would've told the guy bs what else you got...

    if it was me i would want a statement from TG/CL saying that after i got that i would call them and get ahold of the highest person i could then tell that person i was going to call 5 other lawn compaines in town and have those 5 write up what is wrong with those shrubs then i will see you in court.. i will almost bet they wont go to court...
  6. Ric

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    True Brown gets away with this crap because it is too much of a hassle to sue them. Couple years ago I had a thing out side of my business where Myself and another person were cheated out of some Money. We looked into doing a "Pro Se" small claims court law suit. The filing fee was $ 225.00. Now add in a time factor and lost wages etc etc. In our case we only had our word as Proof and the party in question was a well known lier. So who was the Judge to believe.

    The Customer is going to think about suing True Brown, But I believe she is just going to eat the loss.

    Last spring I paid to have 4 pallet of Zoysia replaced. I never felt it was my fault, but I had it replaced to keep the Peace. Today I drove past the house after all the rain we have had this year (Pouring Rain Right Now). The total lawn was Browner than the Turf I paid to have replaced. Sometimes You get the Bear and other times the Bear gets you. Life is too short to let is get to you. .... In Edit The Customer fired me right after a had the Zoysia Replaced.

  7. RigglePLC

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    Customer should take a careful look at Tru Green's money back guarantee. Request the money back--try to get it back for the whole year--as if each application contributed to demise of the trees.

    Customer may want to threaten to post hundreds of internet complaints about TG online--with nice photos, too. Copies of all written material included.

    Customer should have a highly-qualified tree company inspect the problem possibly sending samples of the tree and soil to a lab for analysis.

    Also be sure to call you county extension agent for a look see and possibly send to the university extension horticulture lab. IFAS--your tax dollars at work.

    There are plenty of young, hungry attorneys in Florida--happy to take 33 percent of a good settlement.

    Customer should feel free to call Better Business Bureau, Angie's list, Chamber of Commerce, and the Department of Agriculture--pesticide misapplication inspector. Find out if the guy who applied the herbicides was licensed, working here legally, applied when the temp was too high legally, or wind was too strong legally. Did he read the label? Was he dizzy, light-headed, or affected mentally by the chemicals because he was not given or wearing proper personal safety equipment.

    Mighty peculiar that too much rain would fall on one side of the tree and not on the other side.
  8. Ric

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    As usual many great suggestion. I will focus on two.

    1st: The customer did go on line, AFTER being screwed of course. She tells me there is a lot of complains. Next time I go up against TG/CL I will be sure tell that. I am sure the BBB has many as well.

    2nd: the money back Guarantee I didn't know about. If nothing else that might be some satisfaction. Sometimes a Little win goes a long way. The replacement cost wasn't unreasonable and I pretty sure this lady will rethink suing and move on. I had a out board motor stolen 3 weeks ago and I am just starting to clam down. Last week I want to kill who ever and this week I am glad I don't have to live with that. But I am still mad as Hell. Time heals all things.

  9. Think Green

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    Mite damage, thrips, phomopsis blights, Drought, heat.....lack of ample soil moisture.............all threats to these arbor's.
    Without lab identification, we are just whistling into the wind for answers. Don't rule out nematode damage either.
  10. Ric

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    Think Green

    In this case it was Very Obvious Operator error. When different shrubs all have the same burnt fronts and Health back sides it is NOT Biological damage. All the pests you listed would have a more uniform response to the whole plant and not just the side facing out.


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