True cost to own my LCO...

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Willofalltrades, Jan 4, 2007.

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    Odd... Unless your term is shorter. My payment is for the 72 month term.

    I did get X plan, if that means anything.

    I can tell you I paid 30,600 for it. And I think the GAP insurance was an additional 400 or so bucks. That was without tax, as I bought it out of state and came back here and wrote a check to the DMV for the tax. So that's not in the loan which would make a difference as well.
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    Well, if you are going to be plowing, that changes things to an extent.

    This also makes me guess you might live in an area where salt damage is the primary killer of trucks.

    I figure you need a solid, powerful, heavy truck, 4x4 of course, and probably 3/4 ton to plow with. Maybe even a 1 ton or more if you want to get really serious with it... the sand/salt/slag and all.

    But for towing a 6x10 loaded with a Walker, you don't even need a full size truck really. If you are towing both machines on that trailer, it would help to have a 1/2 ton. But you still don't need a 3/4 ton really.

    Myself, I would just absolutely refuse to plow with a new truck....
    And likewise I would just absolutely refuse to mow out of a new truck too....

    I think while it is winter you should expand your search for trucks and equipment. For a truck, check out fleet sales places, rental places, ect. If they don't have what you are looking for, they can usually point you in the direction of where they send their used and off-lease stuff.

    If you can't find one local, or don't want local due to salt damage, ect... expand your search, use the power of the internet, ect... and find yourself a steal on a good used truck.

    Like a while back, I myself was just hours late on landing myself a real steal on a pratically new club cab dually. It was a company truck at an equipment rental. They used it to tow a trailer to deliver some rentals. They messed around and tore up the dually bedside on it is all.

    Cosmetic damage... but expensive to fix and given the nature of their business, they just bought a new truck. Well they were practically giving the truck away in my eyes. They saw it as a truck with body damage. I saw it as a perfect canidate for putting a custom bed on.... dump kit, landscape body, flatbed, whatever... as I have no use for a flashy truckbed on a dually.

    When you are just starting off, you have to resist the urge to have the nicest, newest and best of everything... primarily because this is the hardest time to resist... because after a season or so, reality sets in and you realize if you are really working and making money with stuff..... it doesn't stay that way long.

    If you want to be sucessful and profitable, you have to make decisions based on feasibility, cost effectiveness and profitablity. You won't give a crap how nice, flash and new your stuff is when it's all you can do to work off the payments... much less earn a living.

    This subject matter is "WHY" I'm always saying credit can be a detriment.

    It's not that I think credit is totally bad and should not ever be used.
    I'm not saying that at all.

    What I'm saying is that creditors make it completely effortless for you to spend money you don't have. Why? Because that's really precisely what they all want you to do.

    Don't fool yourself. All creditors secretly want to assist you in getting in over your head. They want everyone to so that they'll be ruined, trapped into borrowing and paying dearly for it for years to come. This is where they all make their real money. Being able to charge high interest rates and collect credit insurance in the event you default and haunt you financially for years to come.


    Now... I don't mean to be rude or anything, but conservatively you are looking at $3,200 or more a month to mow 3 days a week during season. Plus you are looking at a bit more than half that just in monthly credit payments during the off-season.... not counting any other expenses, or any expenses to get set up to plow snow that might not fall.

    Plus you are not looking at any other costs such as insurance, bonds, taxes, ect, ect...

    I mean from where I am standing it looks to me like you will have more outgoing than you can ever even hope to GROSS in your first year.
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    DO NOT use that thing online to price trucks. It is not accurate... It quotes you about 5-10k higher than what the dealer will sell it for.

    I just picked up a brand new chevy 2500HD 6.0 reg cab, for 24k AFTER TAX and WITH A PLOW. The sticker was 32k + 4,500 for a plow + taxes and plates....

    Go to the dealer yourself and start your wheeling and dealing. If your not good at it, take someone who is.

    Anyone who pays sticker price on a new vechicle is STUPID, PERIOD.

    You might not be able to get $15,000 off like I did, but I bet you can get atleast $7,500 off the sticker price. Just work those sales guys. Who cares if it takes you a while to get the truck you want for what you want to spend, because you will get the truck you want for the amount you want to spend. Alot of these dealers are hurting right now, and these trucks you can get sweet deals on. Its all a matter of how to talk to the sales person.
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    With Z plan factored in I can get the F250 XLT, 4x4, Regular cab, tow package, plow package, and alloy rims for $406 a month ($23,000). It may be a hair more. So subtract $200 from the Total of My revised numbers.

    Tell me fiveoboy01, How do you like your truck considering I am looking at getting a similar one.
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    I hate to rain on your parade, but if your 18 and self employed and have some months where you don't earn one cent. It is going to be extremely difficult to qualify for a loan. Especially a 20 - 30 thousand dollar loan. You will have to show proof that you can make the payments. That will require a W-2 form or some other proof of income from last year. You probably have a 0 as your credit score. Everyone starts with a 0 credit score until you build your credit. I don't even think you will qualify as a co-signer. Your parents will have to buy it for you. I think your just having some fun dreaming. Thats ok, we should all have dreams and goals to work for.

    You should try to save some money and buy a nice used truck for a few thousand dollars. As your business grows you can expand and buy new equipment. You may even have to take on another job to show proof of income unless you are claiming all of you income that you now earn.

    Good Luck
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    You can get a 5.6 L F-150 for about 7K less. That should save you another 100.

    It will pull a trailer I know, I have a 2006 doing it.
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    No I'm employed. (Executive caterers). Before that Hillbrook Country club. I've been employeed since I was 14. I just can't get any hours with the company I am with now, I'm still an employee. I went and filled out an application to a large car dealership chain around here, I want to learn how to sell cars so I can make money in the off season as well as part time during the summer months. I dreamed for the last 18 years... time to make them come true. I'll give you the 0 credit score though. I am working on establishing that right now.
  8. Willofalltrades

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    Will a F150 hold up to commercial plowing? I won't lie I have considered one.
  9. Duekster

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    I don't plow much in Texas. You have to pick your battles. Get the LCO going first and get some cash flow. Then go after the plowing.

    Try net working with someone that plows for those who ask for it.

    I have considered power washing and street sweeping but do one thing and do it well first. :weightlifter:
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    I plowed with my GMC 1500 w/5.3 engine. I had a Western Pro plow installed on it. I installed Timbrens on the front to help with the sag and placed about 1k# of ballast in the back BEHIND the wheel wells. This worked fine for a few years until I sold the truck and upgraded to a 3/4 ton HD.

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