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    WOW, this really ruins my day. im in the process of subbing out my fert programs, and last year i used a company that was awfull, so this year im thinking of going with true green, as a matter of fact, im meeting with him friday to finalize the deal. today i read alot of bad things about them(here on lawn site), and now im worried. has anyone had any good experience with them? thanks BOB
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    My opinion: I think with the help out there big companys just plain get bad help. if you got someone with expirience from them i would say do it. I think they pay by amount of accounts the employees do so you get alot of people rushing threw. I used to know a guy at tru green, had alot of expirience and did a good job but mabey one of the only good people there. Just a thought mabey check with another lawn care if you dont have much mabey the will sub for ya. last year i subbed for a few lawn cares that didnt have the equipment or licence. it may cost you more but the quality might be better. around here if i hired trugreen alot of my customers would be frightened off. they gladly pay me more (sometimes double of the big places)
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    As I was using them for my accounts, I was also a sub for them on mowing some of their accounts. The first year they did all right on my accounts. They were to all to be spray programs for mainly weeds as a first priority, fert was second concern. Second year they begin to slip on mine but not as much on the ones they were paying me to mow. I soon noticed that the weeds were getting worse on mine.

    I soon found out that our local TruGreen ChemLawn was way short on help. My rep was even out spraying all the time 7 days a week, he told me so. They were sending out guys that did not have even a tech license to just put down granular fertilizer. Then as those guys got their license they must have had a shake up somewhere in the overhead department cause my spray program turned to a granular program with spot sprays for weeds with a 2 gallon canister. I watched the tech on one of my properties walk through the center of a piece of lawn about 40 feet wide with his little pump up. ALL the weeds I had there were around the perimeter where weed seeds had blown in from the drive areas. Full bloom dandilions that were easily seen, he never sprayed them.

    They will send someone back out if you complain, in fact they will do it and do it and do it until you are happy. But after a while it just gets old. I finally had it when they began hitting me hard for more services that were just outrageously high. I felt they needed to work on the services they were doing wrong before offering me more.

    I truley do believe they had employee problems here in our area. See our unemployment rate has been one of the lowest in the country for years. Everbody in town, in every industry is hurting. Many people work two or three jobs. I think this was our local TruGreen's problem for sure. Your local guys might have it all under control.

    You'll likely be alright, just stay on top of them, first sign of problems, call your rep!
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    Do yourself and your customers a favor, and go with someone reputable. (Hey, this isn't slander or libel, as I never said Chemlawn-Trugreen wasn't reputable. Uh hem!). There are usually guys in your area who are willing and able to give you a little more of a personalized service. Have them work with you, and set them out with pre and post-emergent programs for your customers, and you handle the granular fertilizer apps yourself. There's good money, without all the overhead.
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    Bob,Before you handle the fertilizer part yourself,please check with your state laws to see if it is legal to do so.Most states you must be licensed [maybe you are]even to spread fertilizer.Good Luck,John
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    thanks, no license needed here for fert or lime, really all i want is to have someone do the weed and grub treatments, most lawnguys in my area are not willing to help out with this, and the bigger fert companies just wont do "a la cart" service, its the whole program or nothing. my problem is that i work an average of 60 hrs a week at my other job, so i just had to make a decision on what service i wouldnt provide, since i cant do everything. and the pesticide apps are what i decided not to do, well, all i can do is give this guy a shot, but the first sign of trouble, ill have to find someone else. thanks guys, BOB
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    I'm looking for someone to sub weed control to also. I will try to use a solo as I am and do any fert myself. The big boys in town use way too much fertilizer and give me no end of grief. I'm hoping to find a solo sympathetic to my cause. Also the big boys did a bad job on weed control the last few seasons.
  8. bobbygedd

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    actually, all i need is someone to do weed control and preemergent, i have found a grub control that is non pesticide(no license needed)and is only a few bucks more than the pesticide version, used it on many lawns last year, no problem. this is not a grub killer, but a grub preventer. u know alot of guys say these large commercial fert companies suck, i dont get why, i mean, they r supposed to specialize in this area. i also noticed when i did it myself, the work was much nicer
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    Ok i think of those guys as the walmart of lawn care.just because their big does mean there the best. myself i would look in the phone book or call the better business bureau. they can tell you how many people screamed last year etc. go with a good loyal locally owned company someone with more know how than fancy equipment.
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    You'll live to regret it!

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