True or False? Flag stone and moss rock are bad for water features?

Discussion in 'Water Features' started by scooterbug311, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. scooterbug311

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    Here in colorado we have a ton of flag stone and moss rock. I actually live by the bigest quory of buff flagstone in the world. I have heard the flag stone or sand stone and moss rock will detearate and fall apart. If this is true that really sucks cuz both of those stones are huge in home landscaping here in colorado. i can get that stone for really cheap and the mark up is huge. i would really like some input on what kind of stone to use and still have that native look. Mexican Beach Pebbles have a hard time blending in an area were there are no beaches or oceans. Ha Ha Ha. help me pond guys.
  2. Venturewest

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    I will give you my opinions on this. I personally think that flagstone has very limited use in any natural water feature. Definitely not in the falls! That is a major design mistake. If you use it as coping or ledges (if done right) it can be alright.

    Sandstone can be used in water features. There are different types. I am not a geology expert but I do know that our moss rock in oklahoma is sandstone, and is very hard. It weathers incredibly well. If you check the recent thread by Firefly you will see that his big falls boulders in Edaho are sandstone as well.

    You guys in colorado are lucky enough to also have a huge amount of granite river rock of every size. Use that in your features. You also have basalt and tons of neat rock.

    You have some incredibly talented water feature builders right there in the boulder fort collins area. If you haven't you should check out some of their website portfolios. You can get some great design and material ideas from them.
  3. scooterbug311

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    ok then tell me the difference between flag stone and sand stone
  4. Venturewest

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    flagstone is basically "slab" stone, it is stone that is easily quarried from layers. It can be made of many differant kinds of rock.

    Sandstone is sedimentary rock, basically sand cemented together. You can have flagstone that is made of sandstone. You can have sandstone that comes in all kinds of shapes. Your Lyons buff flagstone is sandstone.

    I say that flagstone rarely belongs in a natural water feature because people like to use it as a perfectly level falls. It doesn't end up looking natural.
  5. n2h20

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    our moss rock around here is hard as a rock :laugh:
    i have used in ponds and it is great.. some are 10 years old and the whole rock is still there....covered with moss...

    our most common flagstone around here is high desert flagstone and it too is hard as a rock.. ;) alot of people like it for coping and the falls..

    I do agree it makes the falls and ponds look unnatural but it is a common rock to us and is found in the washes here.. what the customer wants they get.
  6. roknh20

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    I've been selling stone for over 15 years and in the last 2 years I have seen some sandstone that I thought would never detriorate start falling apart. I think for us Limestone has held up extremely well. I do agree there is some sandstone from Southern Oklahoma that is more like a flint stone, stuff from Northeastern Oklahoma is softer.
    We consider flagstone anything that is 3" thick or less. Sandstone is a type of sedimentary stone.

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