True or False- Mowers will last up to 50% longer if you don't use them to bag.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by lawnsaspire, Jul 2, 2013.

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    A local lawn vet who I have become friends with has shared some of his wisdom with me. He's been in business over 20 yrs. now. He says when He first started out he bagged everything and he feels it was the stupidest thing he could of done. He now feels looking back that you can get twice as much life out of a mower if you don't bag your lawns. He only does mulch and side discharge. He said bagging is harder on the mower and continually starting and stopping it adds to the shorter life span and also that it's harder on your body continually walking to the truck to empty the bag and so forth. He also stated that as far as smaller walk-behinds go, buying residential is the way to go. He says what's now a residential mower with 6 hp and such, used to be considered commercial.
    I tend to agree with him on both fronts, in my 6 yrs. of doing this. I thinking bagging is foolish for the most part. Out of the 62 yards I do, only 8 get bagged at the request of the customer. And most of those, I set their clippings on the curb for city pickup. On the residential mowers for smaller ones. I hope it's true.

    Just wanted to get you guys' thoughts on this, especially on the not bagging part. Do you agree that you get more life out of a mower by not using it to bag? My friend uses residential Toro 22" and a Kubota zero turn. He said the Kubota has 10 yrs on it and both Toros have 3 yrs on them. Of course, he's used other mowers over the yrs.
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    I think this is opinion more than fact. I would say if you run a seperate blower on your machine then it will put more stress on the clutch when you engage it, but after all that is a wear part and will most likely need replacing at some point. I could see abnormal wear on the motor if it is underpowered for the application. I don't know about it lasting half the expected life of a non bagging machine though.
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    Muching is definately the hardest on a mower unless there is not much growth. We never mulch cause I wouldn't want the mess. Typically everything on a 21 falls apart way before the engine such as transmissions, axles, etc. etc.

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