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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by scott015, Jun 11, 2001.

  1. scott015

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    I am new to this site...I do not have my own business yet, I am asking questions for my own lawn. I have bermuda grass..was wondering the best fert. to use. I live in Texas.... Is ChemLawn any good? They sell a do it yourself program alot cheaper. then click the bottom circle..... or what is the best fert. for me to buy? i would like to kill crabgrass too....
  2. I won't touch this one with a ten foot pole!
  3. Keith

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    Hmmm. Well, there are a few retail stores that sell "Chemlawn" fertilizer around here. This is not the same stuff you find on Chemlawn/Truegreens trucks. They generally shop at Lesco, at least around here they do.
  4. joshua

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    not to bad mouth true chem. but if they are anything like in my area, you would be better off making your own program for your lawn.
  5. Eric ELM

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    I would go to your Lesco to get fert. If you don't have a Lesco, Home Depot now has Lesco Fert.

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