TruGreen in the red

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by phasthound, Nov 14, 2012.

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    trugreen is my friend. they bring me lots of business
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    doesnt surprise me i was told what profit the local place made a few yrs ago and it was very very low...
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    Remember guys, most of us are small. TruGreen is like a takes a year to turn it around. We are small and nimble...turn on a ready to respond to changing pests, chemicals, or weather conditions. Be ahead of them and use that to your competitive advantage. (Except for Imprelis.)
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    TG/CL was the industry leader that we must thank for selling the Idea of Professional Lawn Care and making it what it is today. How ever some where along the Line Corporate greed made them lose track of the real driving force behind any and ever technical business, PEOPLE. With out qualified people all the Fancy Equipment and Advertising can't make a company survive.

    Unqualified People starting with salesmen who don't really know the business and under measure Property just so they can sell on low ball price. Next comes the Minimum wage spray tech who becomes delusions because he is on a commission on Under stated over sized properties. He is the company Hoe that worked like a Mule with the promise of a few extra buck if he make a huge quota. I am sorry But with all my year of experience and college education I can do 25 to 30 lawns a day and DO THE RIGHT JOB. How can they expect a New guy fresh off the street to do it.

    I am going to make a few people mad when I say IMHO Any Idiot can take care of Blue Grass. But St Augustine is a totally different story. Here in Florida prices are any where from $ 9.00 a thousand for fert & Squirt to $ 20.00 a thousand. Guess who charges $ 9.00 a Thousand. Then add in Lawn Replacements and Chemicals being sold out the back door by under paid help. Do you really have to ask why they are lose Millions each quarter??

  6. gregory

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    your right ric i cant remember what the figure was i told you a yr or so ago but i think it ended being in the .25% profit range..
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    You said you source said the Franchise owner took $ 50,000 a year out of the business that was doing $ 4 million in sales a year. That would be a 1.25% profit margin assuming he didn't take as a Negative from Owner's equity.

    When I both went to college and then Taught at the local Community college I had TG/CL techs in Class. Those individuals were using TG/CL to get their CPO and start their own business. Some of the sharper Employee who don't have the means to start their own business will go up the ladder which puts them away from the Customer. But once again having qualified People dealing with the Customer is their Down Fall IMHO.

    As far as Equipment goes TG/CL has some of the best. I have a 20 year Cab Over that was a TG/CL truck. The Fert & Squirt part was build with Fiberglass and Stainless Steel. I have had it well over 10 years now and it still runs Great. About the only thing that will kill it is Frame Rust which I try and slow down by treating it with Burnt Motor oil.

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    "I am going to make a few people mad when I say IMHO Any Idiot can take care of Blue Grass. But St Augustine is a totally different story."

    That may be the most ignorant statement I have ever read on here!

    Have you ever worked on both?
  9. Ric

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    My choice of words might not of been the best. But look at the date I joined Lawnsite. I am not the new guy on the block. Yes I have worked both and I stand by my statement. Have you ever worked on St Augustine??

    Look at my first post to this thread where I give going price of Treating St Augustine. Compare prices of a Treatment on Blue Grass compared to the cost of Treatment on St Augustine. Fact is St Augustine is 3 to 4 times more costly than Blue Grass. Why is that????? Because Blue Grass is 3 to 4 times easier than St Augustine. Sorry I am only stating fact and mean no harm to anyone.

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    I think simply saying that TG is losing money isn't quite accurate here. If you read the stuff they listed on their investor website, it says that the third quarter net loss was almost 3/4 of a billion dollars. Something doesn't seem right -- a billion dollar company loses 75% of its income in three months?

    Then, you look at how that's calculated. They charged the company with a $845 million goodwill impairment charge. They essentially assigned a dollar value to their company's name and reputation. It isn't money that has changed hands.

    Their true operating income that they listed was closer to $58 million, with a profit margin of 18%. It sure looks like they did worse than the year before, when they posted $90 million of business and a profit of 24%.

    I just thought that the headline and the talk here didn't match what I saw when I looked at their info online.

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