TruGreen Killed my Lawn - now what?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Gt350RC, May 14, 2009.

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    Gt350rc - so im not understanding what trugreen did to kill your lawn. Is the damage from last fall and if so did TG do a grub control for you last spring?The only thing you said was wrong with the lawn was grub damage. Grubs are not actively feeding on the roots until your summer to fall months. Now is the time to apply a grub control. I'm not sure if you put a crabgrass pre emergant down, if you did you should not have done a de-thatching. That will break up your pre-M barrier and alow broadleaf weeds/crabgrass to germinate. Wait until the fall then do a core aeration and overseeding to fill in bare spots. Good luck!

    Nosparkplugs- Around here TG is more expensive than most of the other spray companies.
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    Of course it's all suspicion, but I suspect they had something to do with the grubs being there in the first place (planting /dropping /whatever). None of my neighbors use a lawncare service, and it's funny how they don't have grubs - the skunks are not tearing up their lawn - just mine. The grub line is as clear as the property line.
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    gt, for what it is worth, i bought the core areator from lowes a month or so back and had good luck with it. it is very heavily coated with a paint or powder coating to prevent rust. i had 4 big retaining wall blocks on it and was able to get 2-2.5" plugs out of the yard. it seemed to help alot with the yard as it looks the best it has ever looked. it still needs help but much better. this fall i will do it again and over seed. i forget the brand though, i know it was not the brinley one.
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    I doubt seriously a 150-year old award-winning turf care corporation came out and ruined
    the lawn but I can tell from the sound of things it is rather likely the problem lies elsewhere.
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