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Trugreen Mowing for $32


LawnSite Fanatic
yup, it's the bigger companies that are driving down prices. i finally figured it out. where our mentality is to make x amount, 50 times, thier mentality, is to make x amount, 500 times. ex: i like my average lawns to be around $30 a cut. i lose alot of potentials, to guys that charge $25 for the same yard. my mentality is less work, more pay, thiers is more work, less pay, resulting in more $$$ overall. they are not dumb, by any means. they figured out that they make more by charging $25, 200 times, than by charging $30-50 times. follow me?


LawnSite Fanatic
I follow you bobby. Just like walmart. Walmart is great and all, but they hurt the economy by hurting the local businesses. The local business can not sell items for that low of a price