Trugreen Pricing ?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Hopper1124, Jan 16, 2003.

  1. Hopper1124

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    I was wondering if Tru-green techs work on Commission? I had called them to price my yard to see they're pricing. I am considering getting into the business myself. Anyway About 2 weeks ago a guy from Trugreen came out and says I have 8,100 Sq feet price for 7 apps would be $49.00 per App. Last night I get a call from a differnt Lawn tech from trugreen that services my area and says that the price for my lawn is $68.00 per app for seven Apps but tonight only he can sell it to me for $ 59.00 per app.

    Interesting how the prices changed for whom ever give the quote.
    I told him that someone already came out from trugreen two weeks ago and gave me a price of $49.00. He wanted to know who it was and gave me the song and dance about talking to his manager to see if they could let it go at that price. I then told him Davey Tree Service gave me a quote for $36.00 per app and he then started bad mouthing them and all other companies in the area. Not very professional from such a large company. Thought it was funny
  2. Goes to show you the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing there.

    Bad mouth from the worst LCO in the nation.

    Around here the applicators make $375 a week plus comission.

    The sales reps make about the same.

    They are a marketing co not a lawn care co.
  3. jkkalbers

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    It blows me away that people put down 7 applications. Does anyone really think that much is nessecary. I know when you spray you need more frequent applications but SEVEN?
  4. f350

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    sometimes they do 8 or 9, depends how fast they burn through the route
  5. dougaustreim

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    I too am amazed at the number of applications that these companies want to do. Here in SD we have a fairly short season. We do preemerge and broadleaf post emerge along with fertilizer in our first app. If you do a good heavy fall fertilization, you don't need to get that first one on so early in the spring. Also by using dimension for pre emerge you also have some early post emerge crabgrass control as well.

    The big companies put down a little fertilizer and a preemerge first and then within two or three weeks, and sometimes even sooner, they;re back to do the broadleaf and a little more fertilizer. They use two apps to do what we do in one. In fact I don't think that sometimes they even put as much fertilizer in two apps as we do the one.

    They also push an insect app. In this area, lawn insects are quite rare, and even in the worst years, less than 10% of our lawns show any noticeable symptoms of insect problems.

    They sell six and seven apps, but probably don't actually apply any more needed product than some of use would put on with 3 or 4 apps

    Austreim Landscaping
  6. jkkalbers

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    thanks Doug-
    I was hoping someone would tell it like it is. Currently i don't do Fertilizing because I don't have the man power, But I keep my Licensing requirements current just in case. Ethically I could never sell 7 apps. 4 apps. would even concern me a little, especially since I will be mowing it. My pet peeve is customers who get the 7 apps. and then complain to me that there lawn grows to fast and they want it cut shorter. Most of these lawns i have to cut twice to get through them. Just had to vent a little.
  7. bubble boy

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    we do 7 to 9 apps in usually 6 or more visits...

    to be honest never considered only 3 or 4 visits. some companies here advertise programs with WELL over 10 aeration...
  8. f350

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    remember your in it to make money, sometimes money and ethics do not mix well. i offer six, just because i don't like to be in the cold around november..
  9. Hopper1124

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    When trugreen starting ripping the competition he started saying that most of the other companies aren't licensed to put down the applications and the do it illegal, which I am sure is BS also he keep telling me how they mix there fert better than anyone in the area etc. I ask him what they put down for fert like Nitrogen level and he said it depended on what they were mixing that day. they must be a real piece of work for such a large company how do they get away with it. I'm guessing the homeowners aren't educated enough, and I am assuming but most are afraid of chemicals so they listen to whoever.

  10. KLR

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    we sell 7 apps. they include fert/weed controls, lime, grub controls. (typically done in 5 visits)

    Now let me rephrase that, we sell a SERVICE that includes 7 apps. (or more or less, but 7 is basic) Seems to me the more often we are on a lawn the the less opportunity for problems with that lawn?

    As far as making $$$ and ethics go, if you feel you cant do both, you should consider another line of work?

    Somebody also said that when you spray you need more apps?? I can spray a fert that is so slow to release we will all be way to old to see the results! (so i dont understand that statement)

    Now, is it best to do fewer apps with heavier feedings, or more apps with lighter feedings???
    Probably get all kinds of crazy answers to that question.

    Personally, i'd like to get all customers on a monthly service and 'spoon' feed their lawns rather than get out there every other month with a heavier feeding.

    But, thats me

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