TruGreen selling out???

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by americanlawn, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. herler

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    I buy them out every year but they declare bankruptcy and start over.
  2. Shorelandscaper

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    What really irritated and irritates me with trugreen is the salesmen. I worked for trugreen about 13 years ago. The salesmen flat out lie to people. Made my job as a technician very difficult alot of days. How can you give an accurate estimate without ever laying eyes on the property? In addition to that, my grandfather started an application business about 32 years ago and is still in business today. In 06 or 07 the trugreen branch which services Allegany County Maryland, I believe the branch is located in Bedford Pa, was going around telling people they had purchased the company, the company was going out of business, etc etc, just coming up with non sense. It got so bad my uncle who currently runs the company, had to take out radio ads, newspaper articles, etc etc to stop this non sense.

    Im sure this isnt an isolated incident. Actions like these helped lead to the demise im sure
  3. N.H.BOY

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    TG up here in N.H. sucks azz...I had them do a dozen of my high end customers for the last 4 years and this past year they pissed me off so I talked with my customers and only 1 wanted to keep them. TG salesmen DONT take no for an answer very good and the billing department over in Texas (I think that's where they call from) REALLY sucks. takes 4 lines to talk with someone that knows anything. They are always calling me asking for the accounts way. They call and told me they can lime the 1 property left I have with them for me for x amount of dollars. Really? whats the size of the property? how much lime you putting down? whats the Ph level?? I guess they can do all this info from Texas..
    I HOPE THEY GET SOLD AND GO UNDER..cant stand them just like a few hundred other landscapers in my area.
  4. Trees Too

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    Well, its official for January 2014 folks, the ServiceMaster Corp is cutting loose ("spinning-off" is their words) that cancerous tumor known as TruGreen. ServiceMaster was wanting to get an IPO but couldn't due to TruGreen's excessive debt. The good news is that SVM took TS's debt as part of the spin-off agreement. The bad news is that this leaves TG with a balance of ZERO going into 2014. As such TG is going to push all their customers to pre-pay in order to build their coffers.
  5. Shorelandscaper

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    I received a letter from them last week. They stated they would like to basically like to be my sub for lawn service jobs. Anyone else receive this letter? It appears to be a mass mailing
  6. inzane

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    yeah, i got the same thing last week.

  7. inzane

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    that was my issue working there as well. THAT, and they would undercut everything at the time. The pricing got lower each year, while my daily production goal went up each year. I found myself working more hours each year just to satisfy the production goals, while making less money each year. I was stuck there for quite a while. :hammerhead: I don't think its the same now. I quit 10 years ago.

  8. Trees Too

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    ServiceMaster has the following statement on their homepage:

    "Effective January 1, 2014, TruGreen is no longer part of the ServiceMaster Family of brands..."

    I had heard that TruGreen had actually started doing this (subcontracting for mowing and maintenance companies) last year.

    It is my understanding that TruGreen is fertilizing properties for Brickman.
  9. BPS##

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    I'd love to pick up a bunch of their aeration customers.

    I could charge a little less than what they do and make the customers way happier.
  10. TPendagast

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    Before everyone gets their panties in a twist about "hurray TruGreen is going down" That vacuum won't help you guys any. Execs will sell anything decent out to Brickman and Valley crest before it all sinks, just making those guys bigger.
    They wont simply crumble and you guys will all suddenly get more business and a larger worker pool.
    I havent seen a large landscape company that doesn't have shockingly large debt.

    IF servicemaster splits off TruGreen, What will likely happen is TruGreen will do a Chptr 11 reorganization, and actually do much better without guys who make decisions about termites and toilets calling the shots.

    Also recall that Servicemaster is keeping the CHEMlawn part, so these will be separate companie, which was always totally messed up for TruGreen, because they were forced to use ChemLawn for all apps...which was tactically a mistake for commercial maintenance contracts. Area Supervisiors and Account Managers had no control over chem apps, which caused poor performance on commercial maintenance, Chemlawn has and always will (like weed man) be a residential service business model.
    So TruGreen LandCare...which is a separate beast from Chemlawn, might do a Chptr 11 and come out swinging more aggressively than before, with a free reign and an actual skilled landscape business manager running the show, without his hands tied.
    So this news is a wait and see, don't plan you celebrations yet.

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