TruGreen selling out???

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by americanlawn, Mar 23, 2007.

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    You still see the "Chem" name around??

    Not here for many years. I was told thats because they don't want people thinking "Chemicals" on their lawn.
    Are customer's that dumb? I guess so.

    As for TruGreen prepay etc....... I just spoke with a customer that I've had for several years doing the snow and sprinklers for them.
    They've been wanting to go with me for fert too.

    I guess TruGreen signed their 2014 contract with the corp office with out telling the local manager way back in Oct or Nov 2013.
    The local guy aint happy but he has little control unless we get our prices in early.

    I know I can match and provide a superior service.
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    OMG!:dizzy:You are so far off the reservation with this remark about ChemLawn's "status" that it is hard to believe that you are at all in tune with the industry!:hammerhead:

    ChemLawn ceased to exist as a stand-alone company way back in 1992 when they were bought-out by ServiceMaster, which already owned TruGreen. As part of the Acquisition Agreement the ChemLawn name was to be kept for 15 years, (due to their national Brand recognition). Hence the company name TruGreen-ChemLawn from 1993-2007. Even then, it was TRUGREEN-chemlawn* strictly in name only. The "ChemLawn Services Corporation" went defunct when EcoLab sold them in 1992, and they were absorbed into TruGreen in 1993. As for TruGreen LandCare, they are a completely different company owned by Aurora Co.

    Turf Magazine just put out a great article that outlines TruGreen (and the former ChemLawn) history, and where they go from here.

    This article is titled:
    "Industry leader faces tough uphill climb in a mature market"
    View this article at...
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    Is subcontracting for mowing and mintenance companies something new? I've done this for years. I bet others on this board have done the same thing. I would be willing to bet that TG, Scotts, Weedman, and the other big boys do it, too.

    I don't see any reason to be surprised at this, do you?

    Maybe when Shorelandscaper got his letter from TG it was the first one he'd ever gotten from them. But, I thought it was a common tactic. I used it heavily in my career, especially when I moved to a new area. When I moved from FL to NC, one of the first things I did was find a landscaper to tag-team with.
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    umm, service master sold TrueGreen LandCare over 2 years ago to Aurora...they only have the turf care division now. If they are truely done with it all together, I would imagine it will be gobbled up or restructured without the public noticing a difference. They will and always have done crap work. Everyone knows that. True story though about them spraying for least in this area they are.
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    TruGreen LandCare was always a separate company from TruGreen LawnCare. Trugreen LandCare started out as as landscape construction & maintenance consortium called "LandCare USA". ServiceMaster bought them out in the late 90's and renamed them TruGreen LandCare. Essentially becoming a separate "mowing division" of TruGreen. In 2011, ServiceMaster sold off TruGreen LandCare to Aurora Investment Group. The only thing that connects the original TruGreen with TruGreen LandCare now is their name, which can be quite confusing for people!

    Details of all of this can be found on...
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    An interview with TruGreen's President, David Alexander

    "TruGreen ready for life on its own"
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    Interesting. This thread goes all the way back to 2007 and its loaded with predictions of doom and gloom for TG. Then, we hear today that they're buying their biggest competitor. How many of us in lawn care land could afford to buy our biggest competitor? Maybe things aren't so bad for them, after all.

    I guess this goes to show that you don't really know 'til you know.

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