Truly Warm White LED Lamps

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    As stated in another thread here, you cannot judge the colour temperature of a lamp simply by a photo. There are many variables that come into play that can result in in accurate representations.

    It is important to note however that there are new, warmer LED lamps available for those of you who want that glowing incandescent look. We offer LED MR16 lamps in in very warm white, at 2700K in both 15 degree spot and 45 degree flood optics.

    As with all of our LED lamps, the drivers are full IC, and potted to guard against moisture issues and our lamps operate at the lowest temperatures in the industry. Unlike other types of LED lamps on the market you will not see any warnings about the operation of our lamps in moist environments or in enclosed fixtures. They have been specifically designed and manufactured to overcome heat retention issues and high moisture environments.

    Before you purchase any LED Lamps, make sure you get a full specification sheet, including photo metrics and spectra analysis data. This way you have ALL the information you need to make an informed decision.

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