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Trurning a 95' Shortcut mower into a sprayer/spreader


LawnSite Member
Can I connect and run the pump and spreader (Earthway) motor to the battery without hurting the alternator/battery?

I want to mount the spreader in the back as close as possible to the center or gravity, and for a smaller profile. Therefore, I would like to relocate the gas tank to the front above the motor, and away from the cooling fan: Do you have a suggestion on what tank to get? and should I be concerned about the tank being close to the exhaust?


LawnSite Fanatic
Syracuse, NY
Due to the Shortcut not having a electric clutch, you do have more amps to spare when using the mower, I think you will be fine running a pump or spreader, both at the same time I do not know, it all depends on the amp draw when they are running.
I would not recommend moving the fuel tank, and definitely do not put it anywhere near the exhaust.