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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Team-Green L&L, Oct 2, 2007.

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    We started subbing the mowing for another company that is focusing on treatments and not maintenance any longer. This seems to be pretty common, but what happened wasn't.

    We get the mowing routes in late April from the contractor. All the lawns should have been cut 10 days prior an are now 6-8" and require more man hours to get right. So we do so and bill the contractor accordingly stating that we have no problem maintaining the grounds, but their company's negligence in forwarding us an address list (after several attempts on our part) has increased the first month's invoice by 30%.

    Next, the company calls because they forwarded us an incorrect address and "cuss" us out for not mowing the right address. This error was typographical and NOT OUR FAULT! We mow and we get paid, if you send us the wrong address then someone got a free month of service compliments of YOU.

    Well, 3 months go by and we never receive any payments from the contractor (who is receiving payments form the customers), so we file a mechanic's lein on their CPA"s property (we service that property also).

    'We eventually got paid, after they nit-picked every invoice and had us audit our invoices (3) times. They didn't pay late fees or interest (as the law requires), and had the nerve to call us the "bad guys" for filing a lien.

    What is wrong with people? This company got paid for services we provided and the only excuse they give me is that they had other bills to pay. Hey, I have bills to pay too and I did the work, how the heck am I the "bad guy"? I waited until 70th day after the final invoice to file. Was I unreasonable???
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    Absolutely not! My son is going thru this with a management company that ordered blinds from him and now refuses the bill.THEY ordered the work done, but are trying to fob it off on the homeowner who is nowhere to be found.Good luck and hope you get your money and filing fees.
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    No sir, you can not simply bill more because it took longer, certainly not 30% that is against the law, and I mean there is a law concerning estimates and quotes vs. the final bill, any discrepancy past 10% and you're asking for it and even then with most customers you need to go through the he-said she-said bs first.

    So I just raise my cut height as far as I have to in order to get it done in reasonable time and do it, that fixes the problem, it's not your fault or mine that they let it go. They know as well as we do that it should've been taken care of sooner, and the longer they let it go the higher I raise the cut, soon it gets to some point almost every one of them calls me going 'Hey MAN when are you coming OUT already omg it's way tall' then I just act in my usual lalala way and hope they suggest a more frequent cut schedule and then it's all good.

    Hell yeah lol, I done got tired of that mess.

    Because I found out few are willing to pay a dime over the quote, even thou by law I believe we're allowed to go either 10% or 15% over the estimate but really ANY increase needs to be customer approved first, man I sure love those who do pay more without argument, thou.

    What else can you do?

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