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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ScagGrassGuy1978, Jul 20, 2008.

  1. ScagGrassGuy1978

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    This week I was keeping track of fill ups with gas and, hours on my machines to compare the fuel usage of the 29DFI vs. 31KohlerEFI.
    My new mower has the digital hourmeter and the 29dfi has the "analog" style. Every week since the beginning of the year I out mow my employee by 4 hours, I mean on the nose. This week, He out mowed me. by like 3 hours. I mean its really big change all of the sudden.
    Im going to stop watch an hour this week to see whats up, but something is not right.(keys were not left on).
    Anyone else experience this?
    Its either that or I am making some serious time on the 31 Kohler vs the 29. Which probably isn't because of engines but because of the decks, Velocity versus the Advantage

    This isnt scientific, but the 31 DFI is showing, from completely filled to just about empty on the guage( I added 5 gallons JIC as I had to mow a lawn far from my trailer) 1.4 gph.
    I need to fuel it up to get 100 percent accurate results
  2. McGaw

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    Sounds good, I'd like to hear the results.
  3. bigclawn

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    lot o---' time on your hands? The difference in fuel consumption is really not even worth tracking-- I mean---seriously--why not spend the time on marketing--customer relations--family-----
  4. ScagGrassGuy1978

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    BigClawn, whats your main expense a month besides payroll?
    If its not gasoline/ diesel fuel what is it.
    I keep track of MPG, GPH, so I can adjust my fuel surcharge accordingly.
    When ever I buy something new, the first thing I do is see how much it costs to run.
    If your telling me you never checked the MPG of your truck or anything else you run you are FOS.
  5. white1

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    Ive found more than one hour meter to not be accurate. A tenth of an hour is 6 minutes right? I timed myself. Started at a certain time by my phone, cut (or at least had the mower running the whole time) when I was done the hour meter and clock were WAY off. Like it took me 45 minutes and the hour meter showed 1.2 hours, or it took me an hour and 20 min and the hour meter showed .7 hours. Dont remember which way it was, but it was more than enough time to assume it was just time I checked etc. It was defiantly off!!
  6. bohiaa

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    sounds like someone is NOT doing the mainteance
  7. delphied

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    I dont think the meters register unless the machine is in high RPM instead of idling.
  8. bohiaa

    bohiaa LawnSite Fanatic
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    it takes it's clock itcks off the coil, any running activey will register......
  9. topsites

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    Yeah, I track fuel usage as hard as I do customer billing :p
    I stay on top of it, I can tell you the mpg of my truck the last fill-up was 10.36 and maybe it was 10.32 lol but this is off top of my head and I mean I check it every fill-up, mowers too.

    It's not just important as a strictly fuel-related cost issue, a fuel efficiency discrepancy can indicate trouble too.
    Because even with regular maintenance, there's just so much to try and remember.
    And the machines don't always act noticeably stupid when something goes wrong, I would know nothing until it breaks.
    So every once in a while fuel usage discrepancies are my only hint that something is wrong,
    and it sure is nice to catch that before it gets worse, just as one example.

    On that note, may I recommend checking over the suddenly slower machine pretty good?
    You might check spark plug, air filter and pre-cleaner, oil level and condition, fuel filter, tire psi, that type of stuff.
    You never know, could be something is out of maintenance...
    Either way it won't hurt a thing.


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