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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GW Lawncare, Jan 10, 2002.

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    Hi! Everyone! This is my first post, but i've been doing a lot of reading on this site. I have gotten a ton of useful info, thanks.
    My question is: I've decided to start with a WB, and have read many of you talk of scooping up a used machine from a flash in the pan operation. Where would i look to find some of these deals or am i better to buy new since i can. Not to mention my next door neighbor is a service manager for a JD dealer and said he could get his cost for a machine.(JD,Scag and ? can't remember). Any suggestions are helpful. :)
  2. Twotoros

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    A friend of mine has, GW Lawn Service here. I sub some lawns from him.

    I would check with some equipt. dealers. Sometimes they know of someone quitting. The dealers know if the stuff is well maintained usually. Check business oppurtunities in the classified. It is for the whole business but some guys might want to purchase accounts only and not need the equpitment.

    Welcome to the board.
  3. Guardian

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    Speaking of Deere, My neighbor is mechanic at JD, Pensacola. Everytime he see's my eXmark, he comments on how better built it is than JD - -however- - SCAG, that's different. My Father -in law owns scag 48" ztr and I am impressed with it.

    If you can get a deal on SCAG -go fo it. Otherwise, I recommend eXmark or Toro. I always prefer NEW, although I started w/ a used Toro 37" WB. (and loved it). You can just never know what its been through.

    I found my used Toro from asking around (other Co's and dealers) The paper, those free papers etc.

    good luck
  4. Heavenly Green

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    The Trading Times here in michigan. I pick one up at
    7-11 every week find tons of great deals lot of local companys
    liquidate there equipment or just start hurting for money so
    they sell stuff for what ever they can get for it. Lots of good
    deals on plows and winter equipment now. Expcially since lot
    of newbies went out bought new plows,blowers,spreaders and
    havent made a dime this winter.

    STEVE @ S$S Heavenly Green Lawns:D
  5. Heavenly Green

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    Oh Ya buy Exmark if you can Ive got 3 of them

    99"Exmark 52 WB belt drive 16hp v-twin Vanguard

    00" Exmark 48 Lazer Z w/21hp Kawasaki

    01"Exmark 48 Turf Tracer HP w/ECS controls w/17hp Kaw

    Personally I love them and so does my helpers. We get A
    lot of compliment on our outstanding cut quality these machines

    STEVE@S&S Heavenly Green Lawns

    MATTHEW LawnSite Senior Member
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    I got mine from a company that retires theirs every 3 years. Mine did have some hours on it, but it had solid, regular maintenance.
    I would think any guy thinking of getting out of the business might tend to let the maintenance go before selling it.
  7. Green Care

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    I'll try to answer your question.

    I would see what a used 1 cost 32 36

    Compare it to the new ones. Then go from there

    You must first consider 32 36 if many properties have gates.

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