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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by bobbyg18, Jul 11, 2006.

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    what would you use to level and grade this backyard? thinking of a power rake to level it cant tell from the pictures but it is very uneven

    would a power rake or tiller on a skid steer be the best way to level, grade and then seed?

    or would it be better to just fill in low spots and sounds like it be better to use a power rake...thanks again

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    It's hard to tell from the picture. It can take different things for different conditions. If you're considering bringing in topsoil to fill in the low spots, one thing you need to consider is all the grade for drainage. Do you have good flow all the way through? No trapped areas? This may be the simplest way to achieve results for you in this case.
    As far as the idea of using a powerrake and leveling it, forget it...atleast if you are refering to a power rake as what I am thinking for renovation and de-thatching. It won't take enough out...that is not what it's designed to do.
    If you ar planning on redoing the whole area; tilling and regrading, you have a major undertaking on your hands for that job.
    here are some things to consider. Is the area generally low? High? This will determine if there is to be more topsoil brought in and how much.
    Quite frankly, the lawn REALLY doesn't look all that bad, so sometimes, you want to use the KISS method. A little topsoil in the low areas, and perhaps even a top-dressing in some of the rougher areas at the most, and you should be good to go. Like I said, with the "leveling", it all depends on what you want to achieve.

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