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Trying really hard to learn! HELP!

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Ok, so I have been in lawn care for around 8 years and I want to add irrigation to increase revenue and profit margins and also as something else fun to do. I really am excited about getting into it!

I have read most of the beginners advice forum here, and I appreciate all the info. One of the first guys on the forum posted a link to a tutorial that he thought was pretty solid, so I started there with my reading. I'm not even all the way thru it yet and I'm enjoying it, but I'm also kinda overwhelmed at all the info involved at some points. I know that once I do it a couple times it will get easier, but I guess I'm just looking for some more starting advice. How do you find best to wrap your head around it all? Besides the tutorial I'm currently studying, is there anything else I should read that has a lot of easy to understand instruction and visuals? (I'm a pretty visual learner). Finally, when I think I'm ready to take on my first system, what is the best way to go about getting irrigation jobs? I put irrigation on my biz cards a couple years ago cuz I had a company that I was going to subcontract but I never really got much attention from it and nothing ever really happened and of course I didn't pursue it much because I was focusing on grass cutting. So how can I land a few jobs?

Anything, any guidance is extremely appreciated. Thanks!
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Google 'Richard B. Choate', his "Turf Irrigation Manual" is a must for anyone starting out.
It will also put you to sleep. But it is a good book if you can stay awake.
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