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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by KERRTURF, Aug 10, 2005.


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    I thought of something new to try to get new customers for next season. I am going to provide my regular service for seasonal customers for free as long as they make a donation equal to the amount of a regular service to the Muscular Dystrophy Association during the national Labor Day Telethon on September 4 and 5. This will be for the last week in August 2005. I am then asking my regular customers to tell others about it, and as long as I have the time, and it is within distance for me to do it, I will do others also. This will only be for a typical mow, trim, and blow service, so my cost will not get out of hand. I will then have the donation made "on air" during the local televised broadcast with the individual/corporate name and my business name as donors.
    The way I see it this will allow me to showcase my services to clients that I want to persue, get contact with those clients through customers that are already happy with my work, should be more cost effective and productive than typical flyer/ad campaigns, and most importantly help out a worthwhile charity. The letters go out today to my regular customers, who knows I may lose my butt on this one, but if I do, at least it will help out others. I probably won't see the results of this until next season, I will let the members at LawnSite know how it goes when I get the results of the effort. Just thought I would pass it along in case others wanted to try something like this either with MDA or another charitable orginization. The reason I chose MDA is that I have past experience with them, and they truly are a good orginazation that helps a lot of people.
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    I like the idea and will be interested to learn how things turn out. I've thought about something similar but haven't totally worked out the details.

    I'm thinking about helping out a local food pantry by having a food drive. My doorhanger would also mention the food drive and the day that I would pick up any donated food. The food pantry is all for it but the difficult part is designing a flyer with two purposes as I would also want to promote my business.

    Many businesses have done very well a charitable concept. Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream is probably the most well known. In fact, they've written a book with some good ideas on how to do this. Connecting your business with a charity has some real pluses. You'll be different from your competitors and some people will choose your business because of it. Its also great publicity. But most important, you'll be making a difference to other people and it will make your work more fun.

    Good luck.


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    Thanks for the input, I didn't know that Ben and Jerry's were doing it. I really hope that it gets to the point that I simply can't do all of the requested work in that week. I think it would be good for my business, and good for MDA.
    About the food pantry idea... what about getting a local printer to print your business logo and number on boxes or bags used to collect food for the food pantry. I'm thinking with just a little bit of media coverage showing the boxes or bags, and your lettered truck and trailer hauling them and all of a sudden you have one heck of of an advertisement campaign that you probably never would have been able to afford. The coverage would be seen locally (your target market), and your name becomes known to the community.

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    Not Real Sure But I Think That In Order To Do It Legally And Not Get Sued You Need To Contact The Charity And Get An Official Sponsor Many Cos And People Running Scams Out There That You Might Draw Some Fire From The Charity If You Arent Careful. If You Do It Legal It Sounds Like A Great Promtion.
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    KERRTURF, that's a good idea about the bags and boxes. Maybe I could also get a printer to help out with the flyer since I would like to do a large quantity.

    SHOWCASE, I agree with you about the logo, etc. The first thing I thought of is that people may think that I'm just picking up the food for my own family. I mentioned that to the food pantry and they gave me an electronic version of their logo. I'll also include their phone number and web site on my flyer. On the flyer I'll also mention that they can take food directly to the food pantry if they would like to. I think that by doing this they'll see that I'm not trying to rip them off.

    There is a shoe store here in Austin that just sells running shoes. Its called RunTex. They have received unreal media coverage. I don't think he ever does traditional advertising. He has gotten his name out consistently by assisting with charitable marathons, free running clinics, providing shoes for the homeless, etc. He's been on the front page of the paper running with George Bush when he's in town. He's on the news at least once a month when they are covering something that he's doing. No one could afford to pay for the exposure that he has received for free. He now has half a dozen stores.
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    If you have an enclosed trailer, have the food pantry added to your lettering ( something like in the front or rear lower corner have a squilly circle the says in the middle something like sponser of ---- food pantry, contributions accepted anytime, then the phone #) that way you are advertising your support all year long and they are getting advertising everywhere you go.

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    Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I contacted MDA today, and sent them a copy of the letter. I'm sure everything will be okay, but I never really thought about getting authorization. Thanks again for looking out for me.
    Scott Kerr
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    I would also contact my local paper about what you are doing. They might want to write a story about what you are doing. The more attention you get the better!

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    That would be a very nice thing to do!

    May the Buddha smile on you!

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