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Trying to avoid spraying?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by lasher66, Jan 28, 2006.

  1. lasher66

    lasher66 LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 399

    Just wondering what you guys thought of this. I am in the process of getting my pesticide license and I am trying to get a handful or more of my current lawn customers to go with my fertilizing program. I am leaning toward using granular only fertilizer, but I realize the weed control wont be the best and I was wondering if using a backpack sprayer to spray just the problem areas "if any" would be a good idea. I want to start fertilizing, but the spraying end of it seems to be a pain in the butt because of the equipment you have to buy and dealing with the handling of liquid seems to be quite more intensive than granular since you have to dispose of unused liquid pesticide properly , clean the spraying equipment, etc. Where do you guys clean your equipment and dispose of the leftovers? Granular can just be left in the bag. Sorry for all the questions but I was wondering if this kind of program would work.

  2. J Hisch

    J Hisch LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 952

    One thing to consider. If your there and doing the apps after you mow the property it will help, but granular combination products are not as cheap as liquid formulations. But being there already mowing it will help. Yes you can get good coverage with backpack. I used a Rocket Sprayer with a #6 tip and mix a highly concentrated amount of herbicide and had great success, but now with providing this service to many customers even one we dont mow for, we bought the traditional equipment.
  3. Rayholio

    Rayholio LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,461

    You'll be fine... my 1st year, I had one of those sureflo electric backpack sprayers, and a good rotery spreader... I was able to do several whole lawn treatments with that effectivly..

    just beware of treatments that require a large volume of water in the mix to be effective. I found that you can easily treat 5000 sq ft with one fill in the tank. more on some treatments.
  4. LawnTamer

    LawnTamer LawnSite Gold Member
    Messages: 3,986

    A good spreader and a BP sprayer will be just fine. Combo products do tend to by more expensive in dry formulations. I would use a low cost Pre- em combo product w/ say pendimethilum or a lower concentration of Dimension in the spring then following that up with Barricade or a heavier 2nd dose of Pendi. applied specifically to edges and thin areas where weeds are most likely to pop up. I once made a broadcast app of pendi to 200 of my accounts and just sprayed the edges with Barricade on 200 of my other accounts w/ 6 gallon electric sprayers,just to compare overall #s of weeds later in the season. I actually had fewer weed probs in the Barricade lawns, where just the edges had recieved pre emergent. Just don't mix a 2-4-D ester (ie super tri-mec or SpeedZone) with Barricade it will muck your sprayer up.

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