Trying to come up with a proposal paper what do you think of this one?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by syzer, Mar 27, 2001.

  1. syzer

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  2. Fantasy Lawns

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    Looks Good ....Nice and straight forward .....not too wordy
  3. GreenQuest Lawn

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    I agree nice, Easy to read and straight forward
  4. jeffyr

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    It's neat and straight forward---I like that it won't scare people off by being "over the top"w ith rules. I feel that residentials may feel that they are missing something that will screw them if the contract is too wordy.

    Waht are the blanks for at the left after the number ? Prices?

  5. cst51

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    Me like. If you don't mind i may try to "Tweek" it for myself. Do I have your permission??

  6. syzer

    syzer LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Thanks for the responses guys.


    Yes the blanks are for prices. I have added little $ signs in my new revision =).


    I have no problem with you tweaking it and using it for yourself. Thanks for asking.

  7. toddco

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    from Seattle
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    Here's my $.02

    Rather than start with a blank space for price, start with the key word for the line item, MULCH for example. It would then look like

    1. Mulch - (description)
    2. Spring Clean-up - (description)
    3. Fall Clean-up -

    I'd suggest you order them by some type of importance. If a customer can't afford all then they should start with #1, then #2, etc.

    Put the price to the right on a line below the item. Then a blank line before the next item, as you've done. A total on the bottom is probably also a good idea.

    I'd also suggest you add information on when these items should be done. This will help push the customer to take action. For example, perhaps you only have 2-3 weeks when you can do pruning w/o damaging the plants. Or perhaps you'll be over booked soon. Let them know.

    Love the logo and company quote at the top, makes it look professional. I'd also have the contractor put their name on the bid - I can never remember a name when people give me a bid. Help the customer have a personal connection to the person who visited.

    Perhaps a section for conditions noticed on the property. For example:

    Lawn Issues:
    red thread present
    bare spots in lawn near garage
    thatch buildup

    Hope this doesn't sound picky, it does look good! I just do this type of thing in my job (and I come to this site to learn how to care for my lawn). <grin>
  8. syzer

    syzer LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Thank you for your comments toddco, I posted it for criticism so it doesnt bother me in the bit, I am still working on it and actullay did some of the things you posted =). I really didnt like the price out front like that either but wasnt sure if it looked right below it. Thanks again.
  9. Clinton D. Wagner

    Clinton D. Wagner LawnSite Member
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    <b>Chris, You may want to start out with the Clints name
    and address with phone number etc.

    Then close with a place to sign, "who gave the proposal with a date".
    Also you may want a place to show the date for
    how long this propsal is going to be good for.

    In looking it over, I think you are making it to easy for your
    competitors to use the information you are outlining for
    your customer of what you are going to do and how much
    product you are going to use along with SF in your proposal.

    When I was contracting we never gave our clints any step by
    step proposal for area sf, cy's qty's, etc. that could be used
    by our competitors....

    We had to use two forms when we went out on a Call....

    The first was a page that we had check boxes so we could
    check off what the customer wanted us to bid on......

    ( )mulch flower beds At ( )2" deep ( )3" deep ( )4" deep
    ( )mow front and back, ( )only front ( )only back
    ( )fertiz
    and the list went on...

    Then we would measure it all up price it out and fill out the
    proposal that would have the Clints,name,address,phone,
    date of proposal, date for how long it was good for, etc...
    again we would have check boxes of what we was going
    to do without any totals of Sf, Cy's,or anything that our
    competitors could use without them doing the same as
    we had to do...get out and measure everything and come
    up with the qty's for them selfs....

    After we check off all the boxes for what we propose to do
    we just gave the clint a total price at the bottom for doing
    the check work.....
    My .02</b>
  10. syzer

    syzer LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Thanks for the suggestions Clint, my brother just said the same thing =). I just got back from a bid and I used the new proposal, I love it =), made things so much easier. I will mod it to not be so specific (I assume you were referring to the mulching of beds).

    The first think I noted was I forgot a place for the clients name and address =(. I will take care of that now though.

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