Trying to draw up a plan for a striper

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by greendude, Dec 16, 2004.

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    Hey guys,
    Well I have several ideas but I'm just trying to get the one I like and have it made. I would like to have it for next spring so I have plenty of time but here are some of my ideas. I have 3 rollers that are 5" wide and about a foot long. I was going to mount them to the back of my rider so they would drag along. My question about this is would there be enough weight so I could see any difference? I thought about making a platform on top of the rollers and placing weight on top of that, Is this a good idea? Little help...
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    What material are they made of? Metal rollers will level the surface as well as leave a bit of a stripe. The huge flail the school used had metal rollers. Not as big in diameter as you're talking about but much longer in length. When the fileds got topdressing they would help to smooth it out a bit.
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    The last link that Team Gopher listed yesterday for home-made stripers showed a version of the chain striper like Dixie Chopper sells. It was made and posted by "imograss". I've been wanting to make one like that (DC sells them for $290) and I was wondering if anyone knows what weight/gage chain he used. I tried to send a PM to "imograss" but I get a pop up that says I'm not allowed to access that page????????? I don't know what's wrong. I had that trouble once before and had to email the staff to get it fixed and now it's happening again. Any specs for that type striper would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks much,

  5. Team Gopher

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    Hi dmhemeyer,

    I was able to send a PM to him and hopefully he will be able to get back to you about this post.
  6. cleancutccl

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  7. dmhemeyer

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    Thanks alot, Team Gopher,

    I really appreciated the help. I hope he gets back to me.

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    dmhemeyer, you have two posts, thats the reason you cant access pm's.
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    I made a chain striping kit using 5/8 chains cut in 12" sections. I bought pre-drilled angle iron and mounted the chains with bolts. It was as simple as that. All this can be found at Lowes and they will cut the chains for you. It cost somewhere between $50-$75 I don't recall the exact price.

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