Trying to figure out a different approach to this lawn care biz

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by QualityLawnCare4u, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. QualityLawnCare4u

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    I set down last night and made a list of clients I lost this past summer and why they were lost. Trying to figure out a better way to approach it:

    1) 60 dollar yard, every week, had for 10 years, client moves to Florida after his wife passes away, new owner will do it themselves. Total- 240 per month.

    2) 60 dollar yard, daughter had me doing the yard after her mom passes away, decides her and her husband will do it this year. Total-120 per month

    3) 90 dollar yard every 2 weeks problems client from day one, complained about the price, found someone to do it for 50 bucks. Yard was 2 acres and took 3 hours to do and 30 minutes drive time. Total-180 per month.

    4) Two 50 dollar yards, mother daughter yards, client from H***, had many post on here about them, had them for 2 years. Both only wanted me to do them 6 months out of the year and come back in spring, yard full of pine trees and straw, I refused, they found someone who would do it, good ridance!! Total-200 per month

    5) 45 dollar yard, every 2 weeks, lady passed away, daughter will do herself.Total-90 per month

    6) 45 dollar yard, every 2 weeks, lady remarries and moves out of town. Total-90 per month

    7) 35 dollar yard, lady found someone to do it for 15! Wanted it bagged everytime, took a hour and half to do. Total-70 per month

    8) 60 dollar yard, every 10 days, wonderful client, husband got transferred to Texas, new client, lawyer, never gave me an answer back on doing it and got someone else, cheaper I am sure! Total-120 per month

    9) 55 dollar yard, every 2 weeks, older lady, went in nursing home, son was going to let me keep doing but decided to do it. Total-110 per month

    10) 45 dollar yard, every 2 weeks, lady was a slow payer, trashy yard, I dropped her. Total-90 per month
    11) 35 dollar yard, cheapskape, only wanted it cut when it was waste high, dropped him.
    I have a commercial account that is 50% of my income that was lost but I talked them into keeping me, showed them it was more financial better for them to let me do it than do it themselves.

    I have been advertising but have not had the first call. I am proud to say have never lost a yard from a clint being unhappy about my work. I

    Folks, this is over 1300 bucks worth of accounts in one shot. Not a lot to you big time folks but a heck of a lot to a solo LCO.
  2. njones

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    the quality of your work is fine im sure i just think money is tite people just dont have the extra cash but you cant do it for much less at the price of your equipment and gas i had the same problem with snow this year people new what it was going to cost up front but desided they could not afford to pay any more then they were 10 years ago
  3. LawnGuy73

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    Looks to me like most of these accounts were lost for reasons that you cannot control. Unless, in some cases you lower your prices. I'd say chalk it up as part of the business.
  4. QualityLawnCare4u

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    I will not lower my prices any lower than they are. I can't afford to do any yards for less than 35 bucks with gas climbing like it is along with insurance, repairs and everything else going up. I sell myself, I am on time like clock work, do good work and will try my best to be nice to everyone.
  5. echeandia

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    There is always going to be some turnover. That is why you need to be constantly marketing your business just like Coca Cola does.

    Once the season starts I would contact the ones where the new owner, son, or daughter decided to do it themselves and see if they changed their minds.
  6. Jay Ray

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    I have a high proportion of older folks also and know that change is coming but just hope it doesn't hit all at once. Don't know yet what spring is going to bring. Thank God for the young folks that are too busy to diy.

    Keep in touch with the good ones, especially when it gets hot, because while their intentions to diy might be noble, people don't always follow through when the going gets tough. I think you can recover a good portion of them.

    Even keep in touch with the bad ones if you need them. The $15 one is not going to last very long for sure. I still have quite a few bad ones and as long as I can make myself drive to their lawn, I will try to keep them. You always pull through and you will this time too.
  7. QualityLawnCare4u

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    Yep, Jay Ray, I'm good for one more round and one more punch, ain't heard no bell ring yer:hammerhead: Funny thing is though I have tried the staying in touch and have never gotten back one that I lost or decided to do it themselves. Some of the PITA ones I don't want back for no amount of $$$$!
  8. larryinalabama

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    Tough hits all at once, the season is early and the rain seems to be more normal this year in the South. You will repalce those accounts this spring
  9. Runner

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    you have just happened to lose a bunch to moving and death. this is an unusual proportion for this, and I would not let it discourage you. You have lost more to these causes than I have in 25 years of the business. As far as the other ones, you have a combination of price and just flat out cheapness. This business is FULL of price shoppers because there are so many more top skimmers out there in the business, with more coming in steadily. It is only going to get worse - welcome to the mowing business.
  10. coonman

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    I would not worry about it, before long you will have them replaced. Maybe with better accounts.

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