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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by jrodgers, Jun 20, 2003.

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    I was recently in my local Lesco dealer and way up on the shelf there was this piece of equipment. Well what they called it was a broadcaster spreader (not a broad cast spreader). This thing has an 8hp Honda motor and a compressor with a hopper on it and my dealer told me it was for shooting granular fert or something on Plam trees or something like that (it was there for so long that he didnt even know exactly what it was). Well it was on like close out and the thing was like $500 and it is brand new. I bought it for the fact that it is like a mobile compresser and I could use it for sprinkler blow-outs, air tools and things like that. Has anybody ever heard of it and what it is really used for. Can I put it to use for something in my area. The motor alone is worth more than what I paid for it. It has a big air tank with a 160lb capacity. What do ya think?
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    jrodgers do ya have a digital cam if so could you take some pics of it and try to get them in the forums i'd like to see what this thing is your talking about looks like

  3. jrodgers

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    Yes and I would right now but it is dark out Ill grab a pic tomorrow...
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    Man we don't shoot granular fert. on plam trees!:D :D

    I think you may have an item that is used to shoot insecticide granular in attics. You can't dust them anymore but you can bait the attics. Most use a pump type tool that shoots it out manually but they do make power ones. Would be interested in the pic.

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