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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by GaryFenza, Sep 28, 2006.

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    Hey new so help me out if you can, lol

    um, yea im 16 and like to cut grass and me and my buddy did it 2 summers ago and had like 5 lawns......had some fun and make some dough. Um, but i'll have my license next summer...and i have a 160 John Deere, 36" deck and a poulan Pro 21" deck Pushmower(mulcher and Bagger, only 2years old), i also have a Echo Leaf Blower....and Red Max Weed Wacker, i love my equipment i have been cutting the grass for 6 years at my own house. Any tips and stuff like that on getting a "Small" Business when your 16 would help....thanks guys, lol< NEVER NEW A LAWN MOWER/GRASS CUTTING FORUM EXISTED< HAHA

    (i also have a Weedeater Leaf Blower, thats my project that im currently trying to fix and get running wont fire, and the spark plug is fine, and the NO the Cylinder head is not loose and the seal is fine)

    p.s- I live about 30min from Philidelphia more like 40
  2. Sandgropher

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    We welcome you to the industry and all the very best in your endeavours in the future, if you do not get an answer to your leaf blower here maybe you would like to post it in the mechanical repair section, you will get a good response from highly qualified technicans there to any problem you have now and in the future ,good luck Gary :waving:
  3. noseha

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    good luck ! get to know your dealer around their. and look for good used stuff. it looks like you have good stuff right now . just work with what you have for right now. and add what you can.:)

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