trying to get my first commercial account this year, need help

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by environment, Apr 11, 2004.

  1. environment

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    ok, this is my first year in business
    worked for my fathers landscaping company since i was six, but he isnt very professional and had no interest in designing or making it a business so to speak, he's very stubborn and old fashion

    so i left last year and refuse to look back

    this year i have only been working three weeks, and its been a rocky road

    did one job for $5000
    another for $3000
    and that sums up construction
    however next week i start a job for $15000 so im happy about that
    but after that im out of work, the phone isnt ringing like it was the first week, i will be putting out flyers as much as i could this coming week

    im only 21 and i have a hard time being taken seriously at first, i have only gotten the kindest words once people give my work a chance, but its rough gettin my foot in the door

    i need maintenance work bad, something steady

    i only have three accounts and there not large at all
    i add up all my services for the year so that they pay one flat ratre amonth
    so in total im making $9000 a year in maintenance right now
    the week that just past i didnt even make payroll because we finished a job a day later than planned

    i started with nothing and had to buy all my own equipment from scratch from shovels and rakes to mowers and compactors and truck and trailor

    my dad wont hand over anything and i didnt expect him to

    well aside from my whining

    i just got an opportunity to bis on a commercial account

    here are the measurements

    the lawn areas total
    33,548 sq ft

    the parking lot and hardscape total 79,809 sq ft

    and the beds total 18,770 sq ft

    for weekly maintenance we cut the grass, blow all hard surfaces and edge all the beds

    how much should i charge, i never dealt with such a large place yet, especially such a large parking lot

    my dads all residential mgnt so i cant ask him

    also, the snow plowing has me lost to, i have no idea what to charge, need help in this area big time

    the prices i do have are as follows

    core: $1090 for 2 sessions

    a full seeding for $322

    fertilizer and crabgrass control for 6 sessions came to $870.00

    $231 for grub control

    $600.60 for 3 tick spray apps

    $136.50 for pesticides in the beds 3 apps

    $1870 for ornamental apps (6)

    $935.25 for pruning

    and $8690.00 for mulch

    if any of those seem off from the sq ft please let me know
    as i said i have never bid on a commercial account and dont know much about how to do so

    any help would be greatly appreciated

    and besides prices for services, do i need anything else
  2. specialtylc

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    Well I think you are trying to do way too many applications. Secondly you should not have to blow off the entire parking area, just the edges that get clippings on them. The mulch price looks to be about double what it should be.
  3. environment

    environment LawnSite Member
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    the mulch is at $50 a Cu Yd i believe
    i always thought that was the going rate

    and there is no obligation to choose everything on my plan, that is always explained, they can choose the services they are interested in, this way they know ahead of time what the price would be for that service
  4. environment

    environment LawnSite Member
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    cmon guys, a little help
  5. charlies

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    i think your mulch price is way too low. i personally would be closer to the 13k range, which would include a volume discount and the mulch.

    i also think you should do what it takes, including quietly being the bigger man, to make things more amicable between you and your dad. his wealth of information could prove very helpful to you. and your company and he could benefit from each other.
  6. Eric 1

    Eric 1 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    did one job for $5000
    another for $3000

    however next week i start a job for $15000 so im happy about that

    hmm arent the 0s wrong? 15.000 that is a large job.
  7. environment

    environment LawnSite Member
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    no its $15000.00
    there is quite alot of work to be done
    two retainer walls
    plenty of river rock and mulch
    and plenty of plant material

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