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trying to get paid from 60 customers from 3 months ago


LawnSite Member
New Jersey
my problem is that i have not billed from oct,nov dec, CUTTING AND LEAVES beacuse i have been lazy and busy. What i need help with how to get the money after i send the bills out to the coustomers beacuse they are 3 monthe behind and it is my fault which i understand. How can make THE COUSTOMERS they pay the from work done that long ago ? and they the work was not done with taking any them to court and stuff like that.


LawnSite Member
ON Canada
Try to write a letter and explain the problem. If you don't want to pay I don't know if I would want to force it on them. That's if you want to have these customers next year.


LawnSite Silver Member
Central CT
Take a deep breath, slow down, and relax. First make out those bills. Next drop em in the mail. Then worry about it if it becomes an issue-which I assume it isnt, at this point.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Man, I thought I was slack. Anyways haven't any of these folks called wondering why they haven't received a bill? I would if I was a customer. I would also explain why you are late because otherwise they will want to know and that means lots of phone calls. Just say something like your computer was broken and that you just got a new one for Christmas.

little green guy

LawnSite Senior Member
I did the same thing I still have to get out my bills from Oct, Nov, Dec, and I hope they all pay, Maybey instead of sitting here on lawnsite I should get those bills out. I started last week but got interupted by 5 days of plowing.


LawnSite Fanatic
Flint, Michigan
They'll pay! You'll just have to give them some time, though. You have three factors now to consider. First, you put their bill off for up to three months now. Even if it was a 1 month's bill, or a bill for a one day job, the fact that it took this long to get it out can prolong the response time from them. Second, you let the bill build up to be a greater amount than what many people would have budgeted in their month. Because of this, it may take some extra time to get it all up. Don't be surprised if some ask if they can pay you in a couple of installments. This is only fair. BE READY to work with them with a smile on your face! Third, you're hitting them RIGHT AFTER the holidays when people are hurting the most for cash flow. How can I relate to this? Because I'm guilty of doing the SAME THING! I STILL have money out! I'm not too worried about it though, as I know I will get it with patience. It just wouldn't be fair to put them off and then demand payment in x amount of time - and it SURE isn't very good business wise. We should be ashamed of ourselves, and work on getting our stuff together and bill these people ON TIME! Bad business habits are an inflection on the business as a whole.


LawnSite Member
If these are good customers, I would take the time and individually call each one and explain the situation. I don't know if I would tell the truth that you slaked off, does not look to professional for you. Like in the other post, say a glitch in your computer, mail got lost, whatever. You need to let the customer that no matter whose mistake, even your own, that you want their business and appreciate their understanding. Unless you have great cash flow, I would get a software program or something to send out your billing on a more current schedule. Good luck.


Seattle, Wa.
Runner summed it up, I hate stuffing and folding envelopes and sticking stamps, too. We must teach ourselves to bill regularly. If you have to take a Sat. and do it so be it. Like he said they'll pay, if they didn't like you you wouldn't be around their house. Good Luck in the New Year!

double e

LawnSite Member
lewes, delaware
2 years ago my partner past away. His wife did all the billing- obvious we were a little late on billing.
3 months behind
we sent out the invoces with letters- apologize for being so late and explaining what happened. Being in a small town, most new and were fine with it. we didn't lose any customers.

You might want to put in your letter that since the balance has been accumulating, you can pay in insallments



LawnSite Member
south alabama
ya' know....i'm not quite living paycheck to paycheck yet and i do get busy/lazy sometimes, but 3 months???!!! u gotta be kidding!!! my wife would have me sleeping in the cold if i hadn't billed in 3 months. i agree with the other guys, better be prepared to give customers 3 months b4 u get upset about not being paid. good luck......